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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Big_Floater, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Although a serious question, I can not think of a place really for it to go, and knowing the ARRSE forum, it is worth the flak it recieves, I can man up and take the hit.

    Having been in the job for a fair number of years it still amazes me at times how indiviuals seem to get away with murder, what I am getting at is how individuals can be seen to not doing there job and are still able to get decent SJAR's and promoted. Surely you are requiered to provide the goods and do your job to move on. I know a good career laugh and good at a sport helps when an SJAR moment is due, but to blatently not do the job you are in theory being paid to do should reflect on your reports. For example a unit failing ECI's and LSI's, the individuals concerned should be hung up to dry.... NOT as I have whitnessed recently still be in the top 3 positions in the Regiment when it comes to grading, within a civilian employment that would be a sackable offence.

    How many times have individuals on here taken over from someone recently posted on promotion to find more skeletons in the closet and a department in shit state. It shows a lack of interest from the CoC but the SNCO's at this level are happy to just mince and whinge about their SJAR's and as long as they are seen as good eggs, what coz they are good in the mess, this is all that matters. Surely you should keep minimum standards, keeping on top of the relevant areas of responsibility without fobbing it all off to a few individuals so you can sit and play solitare all day on DII or fuck off skiing, golf etc and expect every one else to do your job, then blame those individuals when the shit hits the fan........

    BTW I am not bitter and twisted and I am not the one getting the blame, more than happy where I am as it is since I have left the main stream units that you see what goes on in them.....

    But it seems to show that the more industrious you are the more work you get and the less recognition you will recieve at SJAR time, the less work you do and the more bullshit you peddle the better chance of a greater grade. The old phrase of 'No I in team' only seems to be used by those who were that individual until they reached Warrant Rank.......
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  2. You obviously have no idea how hard it is to sack someone in civvy st.
  3. I take it you didn't pick up on the Warrant Officers board then? I think we all know a few muppets who don't really deserve their rank and good blokes who it seems have been fucked over. I know for a fact I should be a General by now. The cunts.
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  4. Fuck me I thought you were!!!
  5. Aren't you a civvy? Why would a civvy be a General?
  6. But there is a me in team though.
  7. FS wasn't expecting to come off the board mate, and the one or three that I did know I personally think they deserved it, it's more from a chat with with a mate over the past few months that has posed the question, which pretty much is should SNCO's who don't perform be rewarded with a decent SJAR just coz they are mates with the OC or should they take the flak for not cutting it, if it was a Tom they would of been AGAI'd by said SNCO
  8. We had a bloke who kept repeating the "No I in Team" mantra. Until he was told "No, but there is a You in Cunt.
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  9. Bastard beat me too it
  10. i know I am. However there is nepotism in some units, mine espically half of the people in my unit could not manage thier own arsse let alone some soldiers. I feel your pain. Officers see the personality driven people getting promoted and clicks looking after each other and when they get in the shite its swept under the carpet...... I have seen it with my eyes - but to me promotion isnt everything so fuck em........
  11. I agree with the closing part of your comment. We had a SNCO caught red handed using a buckshee ERIC key in the POL point. He was given the option of either handing it in and making an unofficial donation to the RBL or it would be reported to the QM. The key wasn't handed in nor donation made. We knew he was best of fwiends with the QM, but we took the decision to report it to him via the RQ. Bugger me he got promoted on the next board with no action being taken against him. For the likes of us it would've been a pension stopper. He was ostracized in the mess for this behavior but then again he wasn't the most popular of people outside of his little clique.

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  12. Originally Posted by telecaster

    We had a bloke who kept repeating the "No I in Team" mantra. Until he was told "No, but there is a You in Cunt.

    Or a "u" in " Fuck Off" :)
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    When I worked for Sky broadband,the was a worker who was useless,always fucking up & abusive to customers,When he was bought into the managers office for warnings,he accepted them.When they tried to sack him,he played the gay discrimination card,as he made sure everyone knew he was gay,he was the original billy no mates,so management backed down & gave him another warning...
  14. Only if your dyslexic.
  15. Trust me B and T promotion is not a motive here, if I wanted to back stab myself to SSM then yeh reap what you sew, I am fortunate that when I am out the said SSM can check my pass at the gate (MPGS) when I drive in to a higher paid job, I am more getting at the years of being Mr reliable just wears a bit thin when you are snowed under doing others work for them to do better than you for less effort.