No Human Rights for Soldiers

I would assume that human rights laws would make it illegal for an employer to order an employee to commit suicide. As that's precisely what is sometimes required by the military, it would seem impractical for them to apply.

Then again, my assumptions may be way off!
This obviously applies for all public sector workers because I'd hate to think that we would be treated differently to any other type of public sector employee.
Defence Secretary Liam Fox said the government was committed to provide the "very best support and equipment" to UK troops.
He added: "Common sense has prevailed and it is of course right that commanders' orders given in the heat of battle should not be questioned by lawyers at a later date.
"It would have been absurd to try to apply the same legal considerations on the battlefield that exist in non-combat situations."
Could anyone that knows more about the law than me (that's everyone) answer this question for me please.
Would this apply to all legal cases say, someone serving who e.g. is over robust in dealing with captured enemy, during an ongoing battle ? Or does he mean that the human rights of the soldier doesn't apply, but everybody else is covered ?
Front line troops are exempt HSE rules, ergo they have sidestepped human rights.

Mr Taliban, you will have to stop shooting at us, as it has just exceeded 40 degrees C, if you continue you will incurr a fine.

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