No Good Deed Goes Unpunished-US Accused of Invading Haiti

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. It seems the US cannot do anything right when it comes to its military. Now we are being accused of invading Haiti out of colonial motives. If this is true, I am sending a letter to my congressional representatives to complain that we should pick our new colonies with a bit more care.

    Here is an example from the World Socialist Website:

    I neglected to also point out that the US is also accused of having caused the earthquake in the first place!

  2. There is no other country in the world at this time, that can put so many troops or so much material on the ground in such a short time, especially through an airport that has only one runway.
    The US is damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
  3. CNN had a retired General on complaining about how the US response was slow, not enough men and material had been sent and that many others may die if the bottlenecks were not cleared immediately -

    this was LAST FRIDAY just one and a half days after the earthquake and completely missing the irony that the bottlenecks were caused by too much material landing at once.

    Armchair critics are throbbers.
  4. You have to wonder how much Hollywood has to do with these wild theories. Every US action movie released seems to involve massive Government corruption and shady CIA agents changing the world order on a whim. I think people see that, see something like this, put 2 and 2 together and make 5.

    Fucking funny though, you have to admit :D
  5. You mean this isn't true?
  6. Bloody leftists are never happy. I think they should all go over there to help out and then be subjected to Gridsquare Therapy via MLRS.
  7. As to Chavez, parents should put pictures him up in the house to show kids what cocaine does to the brain, The only person in the US who likes him is Joe "don't you know who I am" Kennedy. Chavez sells cheap oil to Kennedy's Citizens Energy so that Joe can get the publicity and still run a company paying damn good wages to the unemplyed members of the Kennedy clan and still get called a charity. Chavez exports oil but his country has rolling blackouts as the energy grids are so mismanaged.

    As to the complaints, think of all the complaints against Bush and FEMA after Katrina from the media in the US. They are oddly silent about any blame for The Chosen One and are probably trying to think of ways to blame this on Bush.

    And the French are upset that the US ATC center in Haiti denied landing to a French plane. They did not understand the bit about getting preclearance before taking off. I think the french are upset that it is a Francophone country so they feel they should be in charge.

    The left wing is making noises about warships being sent overlooking the fact thet LHA's and LHD's are what was sent to New Orleans after Katrina. Each of these these ships have IIRC 4 Operating rooms, 300 hospital beds, water purification capacity of about 200,000 gallons a day and the ability to house, feed and otherwise care for emergenct workers. If you don't keep your doctors, nurses, rescue workers, and comms people rested and healthy they are no earthly use to you. I think the CVN, Vinson, can put out about 450,000 or 500,000 gallons a day of pure water while serving as an airfield and fueling station for all the helos. Invasion fleet my arrse!

    Jumpin Jarhead- You probably know the stats on the ships better than I do, jump in and correct if i am off in any way.

    Sorry, rant over but I know people who are there working while the people complaining are at home being experts.
  8. In emergencies like this ,who would you turn to help for first,knowing they would help? America or the U.N?
    The U.N. would still be debating what to do.
  9. As for the French - they are always there when they need you.
  10. Brilliant - going in my little book of quotes
  11. The report is predicated on the fact colonialism was a bad thing.
    Looking at the current state of things I'm not sure it was.
  12. Why have the US send the Marines in anyway? Surely they've got enough nuclear weapons to do the job properly?
  13. Haiti was the first Caribean state to gain independance from their "Colonial Oppressors" (France) in 1804.
    They have since managed to become the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere.
    After 208 years they can't really blame their handover anymore.
    What lots of these people need (Sierra Leone another example) need is a good dose of colonising. They may have whinged at the time, but I think in their quiet moments now they may regret kicking off about it.
  14. For a different POV, see
  15. Let America and Britain and the other Satanic Western countries apart from France pull-out.
    I'm sure Hugo Chav can fill the aid gap and do a far better job than the imperialistic colonial western invading forces.

    The USofA and others can't win.
    Time to pull up the draw-bridge and give everyone else the finger.