no Gcse my 3 choices

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ATrotter96, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Ive messed up in school abit and predicted no gcse I havent gone to any of my exams.

    Basically I want some opions on which job to go for

    Grenadierr Guard or C3s royal enginers Armoured enginer

    I enjoy outdoors stuff. Also how mych of grenadiers is ceremonies?

    Which job will I get more out of thinking about doing my whole life in.

    Which has most outdoor life and more chance of opportunity ranks, special forces selection ect..

    Thanks for any advice guys really appreciate it. And thankful.
  2. Just go through the joining process - at some point you'll be given a list of choices and then you can make a decision
  3. Pioneer.

    Or, more realistically, go to college and get some qualifications, and stop thinking you can doss along and the rest of the world will carry you.
  4. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Can't go Pioneer - the trade no longer exists for recruits. Do your BARB and Basic Skills assessments and see what job choices you have as was said above. No point dreaming about RE if you don't get the BARB score required.
  5. Hi guys done my barb last week and got gti 47 been offer c3s guardsmen I like sound of just wondering how much of the ceromonial stuff you actually do and what opportunities that career can bring p.s thanks for the replys so far

  6. College isn't for everyone W/B - thats half the problem with this country - having bits of paper is meant to sort out all ills. Thats why we have little trade training, little apprentice training, little vocational training (or we have bits of paper that say we can do it but can't really cause it was from an on-line college etc etc etc!)
  7. You'll do core Infantry skills for the Guards. That in itself doesn't lead to many civilian jobs post Army. But when you throw in the name of the regiment, and the fact you should be picking up promotion to show man management skills and lots of courses that show you can learn things - you will be in a much better position than you are right now. With the Engineers you will get more Transferable skills type courses that would naturally lead into a construction type role post Army. But the Engineers are definitely a more scholarly corps imho so you should honestly ask yourself whether you would be the best fit. Whatever role you choose - Good luck.
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  8. Think about changing your username young Trotter, and come back again with a name that in no way identifies you mate.
  9. No, its isnt, but school is. No matter how badly you THINK youve done, to not bother turning up for the exams shows a very easy attitude to abandoning things that arn't going your way. This lads going to find out that in the mob theres a whole shitload of stuff that you'll have to do that you wont like or be interested in, and you'll be expected to do it regardless.

    Im not academic, I left school with 1 GCSE, but several C&G taken elsewhere. I went on to college to sort myself out. And later in life drove myself through a degree on the OU. No matter how outdoors and practical you think you are, the reality is that future employers want the proof on paper.
  10. Uncle Albert you bin rumbled
  11. Far be it from me to kick a man when he's down - I'll leave that to you.
    By the way you're my new hero
  12. Hi again guys not trying to wind anyone up was just trying to find out what day to day life will be like in each and mainly how much ceremonial duty over proper soldiering you do in gren guards and how much outdoor life you get in c3s.

    Thank you forbthe helpful replys
  13. I hate these threads, this is not the forum to choose a role in the Army.
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