No gays in the village?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tafmad, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. The Times November 25, 2005

    Council finds no gays in village

    Despite spending thousands of pounds on years of market research, a council has failed to find any gays, lesbians or ethnic minorities in its district.

    Teignbridge District Council, in Devon, commissioned the research to ensure equal access to services for minorities, but after £3,000 and three years of effort, no gays could be found.

    David Corney, a councillor, said that it was “incredible” that consultants had been unable to find any in the area, which had many organisations for minorities.

    He added that he was concerned that the research had not been done properly.

    Lynn McElheron, Teignbridge community initiatives manager, said that there had been concern that no minority groups had been contacted, but that to continue looking for them would have been too expensive. She said that the council had been in touch with two trusts in the region dealing with such minorities so that their voices would be heard.

    The council undertook the research to comply with legislation on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age and gender.

    What a waste of fckin money that was then! maybe they should ship some in from Pompey
  2. What? Money was spent trying to find gays, for what?
  3. Is that the new excuse for being in gay haunts now, conducting a survey?
  4. So that the taxpayer could fund a cottage for them?
  5. Quote
    "maybe they should ship some in from Pompey"

    Err... NO THANKS!!!
  6. They should have knocked on MDNs door
  7. it is really heart warming when you read how caring our councils are, try asking the bastards to fork out a few bob to renovate some of our war memorials and they will soon fukc you off.
  8. tell 'em its a gay war memorial, or there are lesbians buried under it, there must be some minority names on the thing?
    see if any of that works
  9. The bastards are never in this country, they are always swanning off on some fact finding trip in some fkin exotic resort