Is it just me or did I detect more than just a hint of disappointment in the media this evening when Lowestoft was not flooded, no one died, and no-one could "claim compensation" or "have their lives ruined" etc etc

They were even giving a bod from the Met Office a hard time for "....getting it wrong...""
I'd rather he "got it wrong" and people were evacuated for no reason, than hear on the news that xx amount of people died, because no action was taken.
On GMTV this morning, the hosts were all, "Oooh, its going to get flooded. 1000 people died back in the '50's...the same might happen this time.'

Bloody TV
Its been a great dissapointment that Grimsby survived intact aswell, O well you can only hope :twisted:

I know what you mean though the vultures in the news room must get depressed as hell when there are no disasters or murders to report. How about shooting a SUN reporter every day when all is quiet on the reporting front.
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