No flies on them...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smartascarrots, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. It was only a matter of time before scientists took New Labour's techniques for controlling their Back Benchers and applied them to more complex organisms.

    BBC Link

    Normally it takes a shedload of drink or joining the RAF to make you act like the opposite sex. What would do it for you? RM need not reply, we already know the answer...
  2. Old news... They've been doing that in the Army for decades!!!!
  3. That was just a side effect of the Porton Down experiment to stop Soviet armoured infantry getting out of their BMPs because their arrses wedged in the doors.
  4. All it took for me was to get knocked down by a car. I then proceeded to be taken roughly from behind by a doctor whilst in my weakened state as he pronounced "This might be a bit uncomfortable Mr. F_G."

    Granted it was only his fingers he shoved up my Jacksie but i say we count it, and as we men all know, only women get raped / take it up the Jacksie. I can safely say, therefore, that i acted like a woman and not a raving poofter.

    Hope this answers your question smartas...

    F_G (Bonnet)

    Edited to add Said accident happened after a "shed load of drink," so i guess i haven't actually added to your reasons. Sorry :roll:
  5. I think I've seen the same doc, F_G. Did he look something like this?

  6. Hmmm...I think my wife and eight of her mates may be a pilot experiment; they departed for "Polaris World" yesterday on what I have taken to calling "a golf holiday, without golf"...The casualty figures are already up to four due to UDI/CRAFT injuries. In 24 hours FFS!
  7. Or this?


    Squeeeeel piggy!