No Fire power?

Sorry that this is a serious post, and as such breaks the rules of ARRSE, but i thought it was something that was pretty important and people should be made aware of it (or at least offer an opportunity for someone "further up the road to doom" to start asking questions).

Heard a rumour the other day, that "Fire power" the Artillery museum is in the financial soft and smelly, and that unless the target visitor figure is reached this year the place will go down the old proverbial.

Now, understandably if this happens it may get up some peoples noses ("voluntary" contributions etc.).
So perhaps some questions need to be asked: -
1. What are the required visitor figures ?
2. What are the expected visitor figures ?
3. How much cash does the place need to keep it going ?
4. What happens if these figures do not add up?

Now rather then burring heads in the sand pit and hoping that this will have a happy ending, now is the time to get any possible problems sorted. So start asking those questions. ::)

This is an asset that should not be lost, moved perhaps but not lost !!
Good subjects are always welcome here.  That information has not filtered down to the "coalface" as such and is always good to know what is happening behind closed doors.  It is a shame as the museum was such a good idea, to see it go out of buisness would be a pity.  I personally throw this question to every ARRSE member Artillery or not to get an opinion.  


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I'm not surprised they're having problems. I was taken around the site several years ago and then given a brief on visitor forecasts. I can remember thinking that they were being rather hopeful given that they're stuck out in the middle of nowhere with no real incentive for tourists to come out that far (especially when the Imperial War Museum is so much more accessible to Central London). When someone dared to point this out to the old chap addressing us he was told to wind his neck in and that there would be no problems meeting the necessary visitor figures....
Oh dear, having just cancelled my direct debit to the firepower museum,  not actually a DD but the same effect really i.e mess contributions, fundraisers, sponsored events ordered from on high. It looks like its time to start raising money (if this rumour is true) for the "Firepower Rescue Fund" Get your regts events in quick before all the good ideas go and donor fatigue sets in! Millenium Dome anyone?

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Was this old chap the same one that promised the guns would cut the German wire at the Somme?  

And if so - where is he now.  Presumably pretty high up in the Dept. of Transport.
The army bit of Woolwich is great but otherwise it's London's armpit.  Who ever went to the Dome down the road?

Why would any tourist even get to hear about Firepower, never mind risk life and limb getting to the place with Railtrack (or whatever it and the train companies call themselves) and then go across that scary square by Greenwich University?

Escape from the more easternmost outposts of Germany is the main attraction of Woolwich's resident Regt.  Who would volunteer to serve with Rapier otherwise?

The first Macdonald's in the UK was sited in Woolwich, don't you know - thanks for bringing us Scottish.

Latest gunner mag tries very badly to say that Firepower's alright even thought they're having to sack half the staff and slash visiting hours to keep going.

The museum was doomed from the beginning because of its location London’s armpit does not even sink enough to describe the place. A few years back I was in the same position as Captain_Crusty and asked the same question and got the same response he may even be talking about me but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to think it. The museum is a great idea and with a Regiment so steeped in tradition and history as the Royal Regiment it would be a shame to not have a splendid idea. However I think the blinkers are now coming off and those who hang their hammocks from skyhooks are realising what a mistake it has been dumping all that money in the toilet. A rather impressive toilet but still a mistake. Too many yes men and not enough gobbie sh*ts.

It is even more amusing to think that the idea of having a museum near the historical home of the Royal Artillery ie Woolwich Garrison (now Woolwich Station don’t get me started) is also flawed as there are rumours that the Gunners are going to get rid of the place anyway. Not even sure if it is gong to stay within the Military.  
Wrong time wrong place as far as Firepower's concerned.  That area of London is undergoing a huge redevelopment and in years to come it may graduate from its status of armpit.  However, I doubt whether the museum wil be open long enough to see this.  Who knows.

Perhaps the Gunners should have learned from the RAC, the tank museum in Bovvy ticks along nicely despite its location.  Maybe Larkhill would have been the best site for the museum.  Or is that more ******** than armpit?
I wonder if there is any chance of a refund on my shanghied donations  :'( :'( :'( :'(
I doubt it!  Don't those donations go to securing your free entry to the museum?  If not, you could ask for a posting to that unit in south east London, they're supposed to get in free...aren't they?
Free!  What? If that’s the case I should get free access for the next 5 years the amount I paid in.

No wonder I’ve got a crappy car and SO3 Firepower drivers a brand spanker.
SO3 Firepower!!! Is that a real job?  Is it on the E2 list? I may have to go and do that one just to see how all that Gunner money's being spent.  Anyway, if the Woolwich thread's anything to go by Woolwich is a S##t hole and we all know you can't polish a t#rd!
Which brings us back to why was it set up there in the first place.

Good old Army politics!
Ref SO3 Firepower, is there a part of ARRSE where all that gold dust info of cushy numbers is shared or do those who know never part with the knowledge in case it screws up their chances of getting SO3 Staff Cars for the Military Mission to the Seychelles?


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Fire power is a great half day out, but iut is the important word, you nearly spend longer on the train to and from the center than you will in the place, with this working against it how could it survive??
Right then lets bring this thread back to life. Presently there is a concept of making ALL gunner members pay a 1 and 3 quarter days pay to try to save the firepower museum. Ask the RASM as he brought it up on a recent visit to the unit. Now the place is losing money hand over fist due to various reasons, it will cost over £10 million to move it to Larkhill so should we pay for it although there is no guarantee we will not be asked for more in about five years or should we not. WHAT DO YOU THINK?????????????????? This WILL effect all gunners officer or soldier. I will continue this
They did the whole money raising sketch a while ago before Firepower first opened. You could buy a day off work for roughly a day's pay. Don't tell the national audit office but it could be the way forward.

Did you see the senior gunner chap's wake up call reply that was copied to all Germany Gunner Regiments? It was in response to yet another bout of scrounging that came round in letter form from the Firepower boss.

It's a romantic dream to have the museum up and running. It'll be really sad if it can't continue but it's got to stand on its own two feet.
Why not flog the building and land to developers and use the money to add a nit more to the Imperial War Museum? Selling the Woolwich Firepower site might not make enough to add a suitable extra bit to the Imperial War Museum but it seems too much like hard work to go up against the established place.
Yep, woolwich is a shit hole but at least its ours....for the time being anyway.

Like everything its jobs for the boys, more senior people should strap on a set and speak out.

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Just had the nod from a pretty good source that Firepower has called in the reciever and will shortly be declared bankrupt!

Any other news on this delicate told you so subject from up or down the food chain?
I heard the same thing Harry. It seems that RHQ RA will join HQ DRA in Larkhill - with HQ DRA assuming responsibility for all Artillery Trg. 'Firepower' will follow suit within the next 5 years - although god knows where they'll find the cash for it!

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