No Final Solution

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by WEATHERMAN1956, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Why not 'take 'em home?


  2. My family is originally Czech & I'm surprised to hear that there are 9 Cemeteries for the German War Dead in CZ. There a significant number of Commonwealth War Graves (mainly POWs and RAF pers) in the Czech Republic, I was surprised to find that all the War Graves had been moved by the Communists (post 45) from where they were originally buried to a central cemetery in Prague.

    If anyone is in Prague and is interested in visiting the site, it in NE corner of the cemetery that Franz Kafka is buried in.

    Given the bitterness that still exists in CZ, I don't see a quick solution. For a peace loving nation there is little love of Germans, Russians, Jews or Gypsies... well basically anyone who is not Czech or Slovak.

    My Grandfather still lives out in the Sticks and from I have seen and heard there is a real need for some form of Truth and Reconciliation work for activities between 1936 - 1949, to purges the ghosts of the past. Sadly that generation is become smaller with time and the old prejudices will remain and be carried forward without some inspired leadership.

    Havel did a good job dealing with Communism in general and especially 1967 and the issues in the late 80's but the legacy of WWII is still everywhere and it is likely to poison relations between CZ and Germany for long time to come....