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no fail plan to get rid of gordon brown

invite him to afternoon tea just outside york city walls.
mass group of arrsers let fly with bows using the ancient law its legal to shoot a scot after noon from yorks city walls.
he's toast :twisted:


Book Reviewer
Ingenious!!!! Can you use crossbows, compound bows, great big mechanical 60ft steel bows firing a thousand fletchets, or does it have to be made from Yew?
Where did you study law then? I think you'll find that actually in the city of York, it is legal to kill a Scotsman within the ancient city walls, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow. I don't believe time factors into it, or the manner of the execution (what weapon you use). You could in that instance be confusing it with this law: In Chester, Welshmen are banned from entering the city before sunrise and from staying after sunset.

Incidentally, and infinitely more useful (depending on which porridge wogs happen to be in York on any givenday) is that under the UK’s Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations 2006, it is illegal not to tell the taxman anything you don’t want him to know, though you don’t have to tell him anything you don’t mind him knowing.

Back to the case in point, does anyone know anybody in York that would be in a position to arrange a ceremony to award some sort of ceremonial bow and arrow to Broon? And is that legally a set up?

Wotcha 'Ped, long time no chat.
ok we invite him to york to open some H4H event
biped hands him a bow and quiver
runs away and we brass him up :D
even easier and still legal :twisted:
Issue him and his band of merry men/wimmin ladders and invite them to scale the walls underneath the weep holes.

Now the choice of liquid for pouring is yours.
As he's taken to holding cabinet meetings outside of London its doable get the entire cabinet to pose with bows and arrows slot the porridge wogs theres at least two others :twisted:
the rest are saved for show trials
think of the revenue from selling tickets to there beheadings at the tower :D
yes I know they deserve to be drowned like rats.
But its a TV age I think the public deserve to see them die :D
Can I use an Apache Longbow?

Of course this would mean a risk of collateral damage to any nearby labour politicians such as Milliband but thats a sacrifice we are all willing to make.
Can we not maybe do a " Broadway style hand and foot inprint" ceremony whereby all the "stars" of the present shuffled reshuffled and shuffled a bit more cabinet all go crouching to immortalise their status.
At this point a Bomag Road roller fires up and....Bobs ya fathers brother .. Omlette Au asphalt .. :twisted:


Wow can set up a stall selling bows £5 each and a quiver full of arrows for £10 proceeds to arrse


Book Reviewer
Hi Machristo!

What about a simple ND during his next visit to sandy places.

Alright, you might be in the glasshouse for a bit, and maybe up for manslaughter, but I reckon it'd be a light sentence considering the dangers out there . . .
Biped said:
Hi Machristo!

What about a simple ND during his next visit to sandy places.

Alright, you might be in the glasshouse for a bit, and maybe up for manslaughter, but I reckon it'd be a light sentence considering the dangers out there . . .
Surely somebody will be able find an AK lying around unused for a bit? Hide it in the sanger until the crucial moment and have your oppos briefed.

Picture the scene:

BANG. Argh. Confusion and chaos round the helo.

"Hello 0, this is T12C, contact as of now, lone sniper in treeline to north, the VIP's hit - SECTION HALF LEFT 200M LEFT HAND EDGE OF TREELINE RAPID FIRE! Oh dear the PMs bleeding to death, CHARLIE GUNNER STOP DELTA GUNNER GO ON dearie me but we're in the middle of a firefight, can't spare the bods for stretcher party, terribly sad, sorry. SMUDGE, GET SOME UGL IN THERE Still, I'm sure he'd appreciate our dedication to duty on this occasion since he was so unstinting in his praise on all the others."
Does sevral 3 round bursts count as an ND ? :lol:
I believe (but would have to check unless you are happy to take my word for it) that is still leagal to hang Scotsmen within the city walls of Carlisle after dark.
I don't think you need any justification, nor does he need to be carrying a bow, and simply being present is justification enough........

Editted to add, if I'm proven wrong after the fact I will happily apologise :D
vvaannmmaann said:
Does Birmingham fall within York's walls?
near enough for me, I always was shite with a map :eek:

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