Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Faustic, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. hi guyz just wonderin if it would be possible for me to go to phase 1 with no eyes as they were gauged out by my mother at birth. im classified in class F blind and ive been told by a m8 that they give good quality guide dogs on issue.. would I have to ask thios to my section commander wen i get there or??

    i would mention this to my recruiter but i cant find da way to the acio cos my guide dog got ran over by some pikey on a wheelchair so i thought id com here first and see if i can find anyone else whos in da army and blind??

    peace out
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  2. You'll be issued a specially bred DPM Labrador. Good luck young man. Let the Lab know he'll have to shoot right-pawed.
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  3. They'll give you a free mobility scooter as well, but you have to buy your own uniform for your Pass Out Parade and your Dad's wedding at Dale Farm*.

    *Other farms are available.
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  4. If you ask at the ACIO they can give you some Ibuprofen and your eyes will just grow back.
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  5. He'll have to put Tubigrip round his head for a bit though.

    Standard issue and all that.
  6. The tubigrip is for the Labrador cos he's got shin splints innit.
  7. Why not try the navy? Nelson had only one eye and was a legend, you have the potential to be twice as good. You may need to see your GP and have an arm off though. If cost is a factor, try shoplifting in Saui Arabia.
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  8. Become a para. You'll know when to pull the ripcord when the leash on the guide dog goes slack...
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  9. No problems. You'll be expected to get blind drunk on a regular basis so crack on.
  10. If you can do sign language why not try the signals. Or go into politics then you could lead other people in a similar position to yourself.
  11. To get ahead of the game removing an arm, buy a washing Machine, they remove the arms of kids, so even for someone with a mild sight impediment they are both affordable and locally available. Plus you can then send it back to Curries and get a full refund of the purchase price.
  12. Sorry no eye dear.
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  13. Boom tish
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  14. no eyes , you will go far as a rechie mech , most of 11 Inf workshops drivers were renowned for driving blind!!