"No Extra Troops Needed" (in Afghanistan) - Karzai

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bomb_Doctor, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. "No Extra Troops Needed" - Karzai
    Sky News

    Well that's OK then!

  2. cool bananas mate(ever use a mic steth?) just been reading a uotc bit and he reckons the para reg are'nt much used now, so must be a rest job. couldnt post back some seeds could you? thinking of taking over westminster, no purples please, old hat
  3. Uhhhh, far be it from me to dispute the President of Afghanistan, but according to the narratives of some Canadian troops I've been following elsewhere, it's rather hot for them down in Kandahar. Matter of fact, there's talk of a possible VC for a Canadian medic following his actions there a few weeks ago.

  4. you ever worked with the wilburs?

    got a bit of a thing for their hunting knives.

    the feckers once stole all our uxo to impress their bosses, after they didn't want to leave the compound. saved us from blowing the shit though, good effort fellows.

    nice eggs sunnyside up though.

    enjoyed letching at their bints at corralicci from the sundecks we built overlooking their volleyball sandpit, with troops unknown, oh wanton days.anybody remember which one we persuaded to stick the candle up her arse during the shortout?
  5. M Karzai. Top of the Pops with his latest song "Whistling in the dark". Them buggers actually like fighting. If MK is right, why are ANY troops needed to support NGOs?
  6. got to do our bit in war against latest slogan
  7. So Karzai - a man maintained in his position by the presence of foreign troops - is parroting the party line favoured by those providing said troops. Not really a surprise is it.