No extra money for 2012 Olympics athelics

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Nu Liabor is already trying to damp down calls for extra money for 2012 athletes,after they have done so well in Beijing.This is in spite of 'promises' made by Bruin 2 years ago.

    If Nu Liabor spent less on quangos,employing their friends,this sum could be easily found.

    Bruin,on his way to Beijing,seems keen to damp down any positives from the beijing Olympics,even before the 2012 campaign starts.Hopefully he will not be in power then?
  2. Sorry-That's Athletics of course,in the title block!

  3. A few quango cuts wouldn't go amiss.

    The chairman of, I think, English Heritage, Sandy Bruce-Lockhart, died a few days ago. There have already (before the poor s*d's been buried) been expressions of interest in succeeding him. I wonder if the salary of £45,000 per year has anything to do with it - not least since for that some of money, you have to put in the grand total of 52 days work per year???

    Based on her lottery funding so far, that'd fund Rebecca Adlington between now and 2012.
  4. They said that it would be done by spending no more than £9BILLION of our money. In fact they first said it would cost no more than £2billion but that soon went up.

    Now they say they want more and the government are saying no and you think this is a bad thing?

    You pay the extra for it then.
  5. There should be no extra money
    Personally I'd preffer they cancelled the whole damned thing and gave me back my share of the £9.3 billion (plus) quid they are pishing away on it.

    Massive curtailing of government expenditure is long overdue, blowing a couple of aircraft carriers worth of cash (and then some) on a few weeks of games in London is nigh on crminal.

    I resent every penny taken out of my pocket by Brown and his thieves to fund the Olypmpics
  6. Sorry, and this is supposed to suprise anybody?

    Our unelected Prime Minister lying to us?

    Liarbour pishing millions of pounds away sending troops to Iraqistan and Afghanistan because Dubya told him to and not having any left to waste... sorry spend on our Olympic bid?
  7. I think you're confusing paying for the UK to host the Olympics (i.e. building the stadiums, Olympic village etc..) with actual funding for the athletes that would be competing in the Olympics. 8O

    Beijing has shown that we have athletes with talent and great potential. The only thing standing between them realising their full potential is access to funding that will allow them to have the best coaches, better access to training facilities etc...

    We need to invest not only in our current athletes, but in our future one's too. That take's money and commitment from the Government, or we may find a repeat of what happened in Atlanta taking place on our own soil. :(

    Well done Team GB :clap:
  8. Why does everything in this country always go epically over budget? To name a few of the worst culprits...

    Millenium Dome
    London Underground
    The Channel Tunnel
    The Eurofighter
    Heathrow Terminal 5

    Im gonna have a guess and say the final cost will be near £15bn.
  9. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  10. How about sacking the whole thing and buying some Chinooks!!!
  11. Good point. We shouldn't be paying the ridiculous sums involved for either.

  12. Because the government and the contractors would never get the work in the first place if they put in the real price and timescale. By the time we find out what the real price and timescale are they've made sure that they've spent everything possible and paid in advance so the project can't be shut down.

    As for the athletes not getting further funding, well the government haven't given them anything in the first place, it's all been about lottery funding, nice to see labour trying to take some of the credit for something they made the lottery fund pay for and something they put absolutely nothing into.

    I would add that even though there'll be further funding for competitors, i'll bet a few of the contractors who are building or doing the logistics are still quids in, as long as they make their annual donations to the labour party.
  13. We need to invest not only in our current athletes, but in our future one's too. That take's money and commitment from the Government, or we may find a repeat of what happened in Atlanta taking place on our own soil. :(

    Why? I agree that our British Team (Hate "Team GB) have performed well, but what would happen if we didn't bother to compete? Would the world grind to a halt?
    I think we could find a lot better causes to spend the money on(?)
  14. Let's bin the Olympics and the QANGOs, then return the money to the people who earned it.

    Eddy the Eagle was the only Olympic contender I had any time for.
  15. It is totally against Labour party policy to fund any sort of success.

    The Olympics are elitist, they encourage people to do well.

    If the working class think that they can do anything other than wallow in a trough of dependancy on the state then they may start to believe that they can succeed in life. And then where would Labour politicians like Jowell find someone to support them.