No excuse!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Talibanfingahunter, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. There is abso(feckin)lutely.

    No reason for chubby, toothless, bloody Jeremy Kyle appearing chav tits, EVER wear trainners an tracksuits. i mean who do they think they are bleeding fooling. I realise i'm ranting. But Jebus these pillocks dont even recognise the irony.

    Arrrgh. An get a bleeding job an stop hanging around the library!, Smoking roll ups and listening to crap music through a phone that is worth more money than all the money you have ever spent on your grubby little snot faced kids put together.

    And another thing *finger poking into imaginary chest of scrote* stop talking like you live in london! with your "init bruv" stupid fecking language. your northern.

    feel a little better now.

    gonna have a little cry now, *sob sob, sniffle wipes nose on sleeve* then get my bat an become a RLSH (real life super hero)

    *door slams*
  2. Have you considered getting a life?
  3. I find going to work means I don't have to watch such shite.
  4. I know what your all gonna say.

    I'm wearing yellow underpants (with checks), biking boots and a keen sense for justice.
  5. On leave an the cars in the garage, hummph.
  6. all the time.
  7. See this.


    That's you, that is.
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  8. actually my pens are arranged, blue yellow red.
  9. Yellow Pens???? still, suppose they'll go with the Stripe down the middle of your back.
  10. Yellow pens come in handy when i need to stir my brew, after some crap crafty has forgot.

    Yellow strip??? you calling me a coward sir!!? *takes of glove, an slaps across Arters face* you sir, are a cad.
  11. In the mean time...I did a garlic smelling piss this morning....I was quite surprised.
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  12. I find watching he Jeremy Kyle show most refreshing..... I always thought that I was a manky, bone idle, gungy cnut years ago.... because the Badge told me so one RSM's drill parade way back when the World was young and NAAFI pies and buns only cost 10 Pfennings each....

    Watching the Twats being intervied on this show... gives me respite that I am NOT a cnunt... that I am slighty higher up on the social pile than some of these saddoes...

    Don't it give you a sense of wellbeing to know that there are Munters and Scutters offen The Estate such as these..... But I was brought up most religiously not to Judges Others....

    "There but for the Grace of God go I......!" (I wonder if Jeremy Kyles hands out some Cash for appearing on the Show.... I is a bit skint this month)
  13. A patient of mine went on the show, he was using heroin at the time. Oh how he laughs all these years later when they show him on the repeats.