No EW intakes... What to do.

Hello there Gents, I'll try and keep this short. Part of this question will not relate strictly to Royal Signals, but it's relevant to the question as a whole.

I passed ADSC recently with a high B grade (Icebreaker was scored as average and let me down). Upon completion I was informed there are no planned future intakes for Electronic Warfare systems op, the Major who interviewed me recommended I go for Comms Systems Engineer due to my academics and what I could get from it, however it doesn't seem as varied or active as I was looking for. My second choice is AAC of which there are very limited spaces on the next intake.

My main questions are:
1. If I were to go AAC, I presume there would be a minimum return of service before I could attempt to transfer out of AAC into EW, what is it, and would that also apply to transferring out of Comms Systems Engineer to EW?

2. Would going Comms Systems Engineer better enable me to transfer to EW due to not having to transfer regiments?

I'm aware it sounds like I'm basing my future career solely upon trying to find a way into EW, I'm not, I'm just trying to get a better understanding of my possible options and limitations to make a more informed decision.

I'd appreciate any swift answers. Thanks.
Doesn't matter what's said now. By the time you finish training, the army will be a very different place. At the moment it is not difficult to transfer to pinch point trades, I may not be the case in 6 months time. I don't know where you got the idea that EW was active and CS Eng wasn't. For variety of posts (and they go to almost all the EW posts) CS Eng is the way forward.

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Put it this way. It's a very very bad idea to join with a plan to transfer because there's a very very good chance it won't happen.
CS Eng is far more varied than EWOp.

You have a limited choice of units for EW then a few EOD units.

CS Eng can take you anywhere with far more qualifications relevant to civvy street to boot.
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