i have recently left the army in sept after almost 11yrs service.i left the day my maternity leave ended.i received no resettlement and no other entitlements,i didnt even receive my final pay due to a previous overpayment which my previous unit addmitted was thier admin fault.since leaving i have been informed by various sources that i should have been entitled up to £5000.Does anyone now if this is right.i have received a letter this morn stating that i am now entitled to post discharge resettlement,does anyone know what this involves?
cheers jo
I think the first port of call for you would be your RCMO and see what the score is. Did you slip off their radar do you think? After that I would touch base with the resettlement centre and see what they have to say. Also I would join the Royal British Legion. Fantastic organisation which needs all our support but is there to support us for life should the need arise, and in your case you would not lose out by asking them for some advice.

Best of luck
So I take it you did not reach your 12 year point thus being entitled to resettlement grant/ entitlements. Unless the rules have changed I don't think you are entitled to much. Sorry.
what reason did you decide to leave the forces if you don't mind me asking? or was you admin. Disc.
I'm no expert and it's probably not worth knowing now but if you had waited until AFTER your maternity leave and just hung in there for a couple of months ie:leaving at the 12 year point you would have been entitled to a lump sum (i think)

If you feel that you were misinformed in some way or didn't have access to the right information to make an informed decision then it might be worth touching base with your MCM div, I'm sure someone on here will advise.

Seems a shame to get so close to a target and miss.

Good luck
If you do 12 years service or more, you are entitled to a lump sum of £8947.

I think the resettlement time doesn't fluctuate too much after the 5yr point but I could be wrong.
Anybody know what the entitlement is on leaving at 18 year point? money and resettlement, cheers.
For JJ256:
You were entitled to resettlemant, attend the career transition workshop (CTW) and they will give you gen. on what you can do as resettlement. (CTW doesn't come off your resettlement time)
I don't think you were entitled to any money other than your pay.

For Jockster:
Read JSP 534 - it has all the info on resettlement. It's on DII too so you can print a copy and read at your leisure.
Jockster, why in the hell are you considering leaving after 18 years service :? . Best advice you will get is to go to your admin office and have them run of a Non-Effective-benefit report as though you you would be leaving after 22 years, compare that with your taxable lump sum of £8947 ressetlement grant (which you are entitled if you have remained on AFPS 75), and then a preserved pension. Unless you have an offer of work which will match or better an immediate pension and lum sum after 22 years service don't give up.
Jockster if you PM me your details - Rank, promotion date, date of birth, date of joining, any periods of non reconable service (AWOL, Dtn, etc) I will do you a forecast to have a shufty at before you make any hasty decisions!!
You say you have been given a deferment of your resettlement entitlement. That means you can take advantage of 25 working days and the travel and subsistewnce aoolowances that go with them. You couls also claim up to £534 towards any training costs. You should go and see your local IERO as soon as poss.
Jockster. If you have done 18 years, you will get the max graduated resettlement time, 35 working days and 7 travel warrants/claims. You also get a 3 day Career Transition Workshop to help with CV etc and access to a career consultant for your time left plus 2 years after you leave. You can do resettlement courses and claim up to £534 towards the cost. Have a quiet word with the IERO's clerk in your local AEC.
Also have a look at Quest magazine. It has stacks of info on resettlement entitlements

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