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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Maroon_machine, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. does any one else belive the young lads and girls in the ACF dont get enough credit? My personal opinion s that all young ones are tared with the same brush these days all teenages are young thugs and hoodies. People dont realise the amount of kids that arent and are doing something with there life. They need more praise and more publicity make the people of today notice that these kids arent yobd hoodies and thugs.

    Anyway RANT over.
  2. I agree,

    However some of the posters on ARRSE do not help our plight and do nothing to enhance the image of the ACF.

    The real problem is that people see Cadet Snooks on the bus in uniform looked scruffy and then they form the opinion that all the ACF are like that.

    Surely people who volunteer 2 nights a week and alot of weekends should be supported as they are not the ones smashing the place up.

    I see it this way, you can join the queue of people who complain about the Youth of Today or you can support people like the ACF and Scouts who try and do something about it.

    We will never get enough praise but secretly I expect quite a few people are glad we are out there so they don't have too.


  3. Spot on mate.
  4. Bird Dog,

    Agreed praise where praise is due, too many people ready to criticise only!
  5. are you an ex-cadet?
  6. Me ? no!
  7. I'd suggest that the lack of recognition is that Joe Public doesn't often get to see the ACF and doesn't have a clue what they do.

    The ACF's major public appearance seems to be Remembrance Day, and then they're only seen by others that attend - and that doesn't often include the average civvy.

    The Scouts, even though they're equally invisible, have a reputation for doing good in the community. The Boy's Brigade, even more invisible, have links to the Church and are also seen as virtuous.

    The majority of the "community" aren't aware of the Cadet in the Community aspect of the ACF, so assume that cadets are just a younger branch of the Army - and their knowledge of the Army is limited to what they read in the newspapers, which rarely features good news.

    I'd suggest that the ACF would do well to be seen alongside the Scouts and Boy's Brigade. Organise annual competitions in challenges that all three organisations can participate in. As all do First Aid, stretcher racing could be an event, including lashing the patient to the stretcher and culminating in 360 degree rotations in both planes to confirm the adequacy of the lashings.

    Command tasks could be another event, with each organisation designing a course.

    Offer these "entertainment services" to fetes and other charity events. All three organisations (or more, if ATC and Sea Cadets can be roped in) should benefit from the exposure, both in terms of providing more interest among their own members and also raising awareness of the general public.

    Just a suggestion...
  8. I think Puteesinmyhands maybe onto something there? I'm not sure however it would really work in our area? I work with Birddog and think he will agree that the casualty rate from effective sniper fire may have the parents up in arms!

    I agree on the whole though that the ACF and other youth organisations do not get the credit or support these days. I think it should change and ideas put forward to enhance the public image.

    For example, Birddog has worked his arrse off and has now got us under the nose of the Mayor, affiliation to the local RBL office and forged really strong ties with the resident/parent TA unit plus a Really Large Corps unit that hasnt even moved in yet!!

    A lot of this I believe is down to the DC's getting themselves out there and known to local powers that be. This does of course mean even more work that DC's already put in but at the end of the day surely we are here to encourage growth in these youths and if by getting their faces on the TV or the paper so that their mums and dads hang their mug shots proudly on the fridge door it all has to be worth it!

    Now this is the only sensible thing I'm going to do today, I'm off to terrorise the sites token mong binbag collector.

    Stand by Stand by!
  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    For whats its worth, i have nothing to do with the local cadets, other than via TA, but at a recent award ceremony, my mother was moved to say that"you dont hear much about these kids in the papers these days", referring to the well turned out young uns of the Army/Sea/Air/Marine Cadets who were present. "It only ever really complains about the graffiti or muggers out there". Sure enough, this award ceremony was not in the local rag...

    Mark one, you are not in the swindon area are you? I ask because a RLC unit is due in there soon.

  10. Oh my god, what so everyone who is not in the ACF is smashing up the place?

    As happens in regular units, the damage is indeed done when one or a number of individuals are caught in the public eye scruffy and un soldierlike in manner. Joe public and soldiers will always jump on that and form its own opinion fact.

    The ACF in my view is a brilliant recruiting tool for the Army and for that i suppose i will always be grateful in todays climate.

    The ACF however has it limitations and people within the organisation must realise it is an MOD sponsored youth club at the end of the day and nothing more nothing less.

    I as a serving soldier will heap praise when due and indeed comment when applicable.

    I dont think arrse is the correct forum to be whinging about the ACF not getting enough praise. Maybe you should be turning your attentions to your County HQ's by making sure that all ACF parades,events and good deeds are covered by the media and brought to the attention of the local community.
  11. Really? Why not? This is, after all, a board entitled 'ACF'.... Or have I missed something?
  12. Actually after reading this thread it would appear that something this important, to a number of individuals no doubt from a number of different cadet units, maybe even from across a number of different counties spells out a reoccurring theme.

    Why not get together and sort it out?
  13. I would like to echo the sentiment as I may of come off as one of the detractors in a previous post. I have nothing but respect for cadets and the staff who do this. I myself am an ex-cadet and I look at the ACF as the inital building block of my personality and I seriously doubt that if I had never joined the cadets I would ever had joined the regulars. In fact I weighed up the options on leaving the regs wheter to join the TA or the ACF, I chose the TA for many reasons, one of being that at this time in my life I struggle to make time for the TA let alone the time I would have to put into being an AI. I'm not done with the ACF yet and may still enquire when my current service is over.

    My previous comment on another thread was more aimed at some expectations raised against cadets at TA units and problems that we have seen with the latest intake. Interestingly at the last drill nights a couple of the ex-cadets made some of the comments that I made and it seems that it really is 2 guys who are tarring the rest of them with the same brush.

    Also I am very annoyed at some of the scruffy posts as well, I remember in my day looking like a pile of shite mainly becuase I was wearing adult kit 4 times the size of me,in the end I bought a "Gurkha" jacket from Silvermans as it was the only one that would fit me. Also (I know this is the past and things may have changed) it was difficult to get a unit wearing the same kit, I was issued a brown KF shirt and combat trousers whereas others got green KF shirts and lightweight whilst others had the different mixes, through self purchased CS95 kit into the modern mix and add a tiny head in a helipad beret and it all ends in tears. Maybe the way ahead is a different uniform for cadets that actually fits and looks smart ?

    What there needs is a shift from






    I would like to apologise to the webmaster for reproducing the last images but I am sure he will understand the reason I used them
  14. All 3 pics are excellent.

    Theres nothing wrong with the first pic. If that lad/girl(?) stays with it they will mature into a much more professional looking and confident youngster.

    That cadet is probably only 12 years old. Letting in Yr8 pupils (as it should be, not 12 years 0 months as some DCs think!) was a risky move and was bound to cause some problems.

    They are mooting it for the ATC too. Currently 13yrs and 3 months is the minimum age, but several activities are age restricted higher