no English votes on English Laws

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimp503, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Brown has just announced that he is against the English voting on English laws as the Scots and Welsh currently do. His exscuse is that this would effect the constituion of the Union and create a 2 tier Mp system.

    I was gobbed smacked when he said this as we are already in this type of system where a Scotish MP can vote in his own constiuentcy in Scotland and also vote in Parliament in England. An English MP can only vote in his constituency in England not in Scotland or Wales.

    Truly this man who is unelected beggars belief :x :x :x
  2. Could you post your source please?
  3. Yea no probs Sanchauk, I have just watched Sky News live with the Primeminister giving the statement.... I think its still on
  4. work.
  5. They have just re-run now - no doubt the sh*t will hit the fan when everyone gets in from work and catch the news. Cameron gives him a hard time on many of his proposals, but he didnt go for the jugular apart from stating that he was an unelected Prime minister.
  6. Come on guys, this brooding behemoth has been at the very centre of government for ten years. He is not a new boy or broom for that matter, sweeping clean, he is the stalinist control jockey he has always been.

    Bliar might have been all smoke, mirrors and no substance, but this growling git is all piss, wind and more taxes.

    Stand by for some hard times, especially when the world wakes up to the parlous state of our nation's finances, which have been spun to look good for years.

    Don't expect the porridge gobbler to get rid of his built in majority by binning all the Jock and Taffy MPs.
  7. Well at least he said that he would make those unelected Regional Bodies answer to Parliament. Now just who elected these Regional Bodies, well no one did, they appear to be a nice little earner for for retired politicians
  8. This system is not new this has been going on for years :(

    as for Unelected..System again :( Elect the Party to Govern.. they elect the Leader
  9. Well spotted!!..Caught the Buggers at last :D
  10. And you're p*ssed off again. Great. :lol:
  11. Not only me AB but more than likely 30-40 million other Englishmen, now that would be a long queue outside North Yorkshire.
  12. Ah, the famous West Lothian Question rears its head again.

    Couple of reasons why this is not going to change any time soon.

    1. Gordon Broon is a Scottish MP. It would be odd indeed if the Prime Minister couldn't vote on particular issues.

    2. It would be much harder for the Labour Party to then command a majority on purely English matters. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I recollect that the Conservatives actually have a majority in England, and it's only when the other bits are added that the Labour majority emerges.

    I am more concerned that he is thinking of lowering the voting age to 16 as I am not convinced that the majority of teenagers would be able to make a balanced decision at that age.

  13. Different topic probably, but if they aren't mature enough to vote, should they be allowed to join up before age 18? Arguably a far greater decision.
  14. Very undemocratic, I heard he is also against a referendum on the new European constitution.
  15. And that will get through as well!! :(