No Duff

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Invade_france, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Who still uses it and why?
    Was stagging on again and was sat in there when a Spec Op of all funking people started using it. They were adamant that that was they were taught during BSS.
    Am i very much mistaken that we stopped using that yeas ago. When i did trg in late 90's they didnt use it anymore so why do people seem so keen to use it.
    Oh and before you ask i have nothing better to while away the hours.
  2. I learned it many years ago, but moved to a job that didn't involve radios much. Although I've had refresher training on the radios themselves, I've had virtually none on VP. If you listen carefully, you may hear me say it (together with Bluebell, Starlight, Offset etc.).
  3. Sorry didnt make myself clear i can understand when some of the old sweats use it.
    But when tom's start using it to try and appear they have been in a few years longer it starts to grip me.
  4. Offset? Don't remember that one. What was it?
  5. Offset = (can I say this?)

    edited when I remembered that I haven't actually been told that this has been removed from service
  6. NO DUFF died out years ago, I did my Sigs RA Basic in 87 and it was out of date then.

    The correct terminology, as per PAM 2 VP circa 2000 at least, is NO PLAY

    However every man and his dog in our lot knew NO DUFF but didn't have a scooby for NO PLAY and thus is was tuaght in a "You will hear it in the Regt, but don't for fecks sake say it on a test"
  7. In the mid 80s when I was on my B1 we were told that 'Noduf' was soon to be out and replaced by 'Bulldog'. Now I still don't know if we were being wound up, but what turned up in units was 'Real Message'. If we weren't being wound up, there could have been a policy change when everyone gave the same reaction as we did. ie. a combination of laughter and confused faces wondering what 'Bulldog' had to do with a real message.

    Noduf, if you are intertested, came from the call for 'No Direction Finding'. That was the call that a message wasn't to be used by the 'enemy' on an exercise to locate exersise troops as the message was not part of the exercise. Why they changed it I haven't got a clue as it's clear, concise and doesn't get confused with anything else. But as with many things that are changed, they are changed by policy makers in order that they can say they actually changed something, rather than because something needed changing.
  8. Ah Puttees! Bring back many memories of the knicknames. Being Playtime myself, I much remeber meeting with Molar, Bullfrog, Sunray-minor and getting 'no-duff' p*ssed
  9. While you're at it why not use 'Codex' and 'Gridle' as well, or if you were on the 'Div Zulu' make sure your X, Y & Z cards are all the right way round and you haven't got any broken pins!

    Now where's my compo tin of 'Chicken Supreme'? :D
  10. I always thought it flowed from the WWII (?) slang word 'duff' meaning 'fake', 'incorrect', 'wrong' or a gentle way of saying 'bullsh1t'. Eg 'duff gen' meaning incorrect information.
  11. There are a few of the old appointment titles listed here. I vaguely recall offset being used for a freq change ("offset by x KHz"), but I don' think it was ever part of the published VP, nor was it ever an appointment title so far as I remember. Please feel free to correct me, though.

  12. No, it came from shortning 'No Direction Finding' to 'No DF' to 'Noduf' and it may have been the other way round. As Noduf meant real, troops may have started using 'Duff' as unreal or wrong.
  13. But few will have met the elusive Offset. He probably operated from a hotel room.

    Molar supplied Chicken Supreme for ALL meals for a fortnight on Crusader (1980) - have not eaten it since and don't intend to.
  14. Plant Pilot.

    I still have a Slidex Wallet somewhere and can just about remember Griddle, but can't help with Chicken Supreme. May have a
    tube of compo condensed milk though!
  15. On the grounds that other appointment titles are in public domain, I'll reveal OFFSET.

    OFFSET = Forward Air Controller - RAF gentleman talking to his chums in the sky.