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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DieHard, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. My 23 year old son with aspergers is in Toronto and I can't get hold of him due to bad info he left my Mrs and the fact I can't get him on his mobile.
    Is there anyone who can tell me has the storm hit the city and if so how bad.
    My wife is trying to get help in locating him from the authorities and airline and I have some relatives in Syracuse who can go get him.
    We could just be panicky but without knowing what's happening there its all a bit stressful.
    I know what's happened elsewhere in new York city and state from relatives there but not across the border.
    Hopefully he is in his hotel room sleeping but he can be impulsive and that's what's scaring us.
    Any info is welcome
  2. I have a friend in Toronto who I'm on FB to at the mo. I'l ask
  3. Ok, erm their previous messages are telling me that most of the night was high winds, trees down and emergency services attending to a fair few callouts. Many people have been told not to go into work if it involved driving this morning and my buddy is off too. Transit is off and power supply is a bit sketchy too with many flights cancelled. Thats what they told me a few hours ago and waiting on a reply to a request for an update re weather. The authorities will be chokka with all this so persevere and stay positive.

    If they do get back to me before the next Ice Age I'l either pop it here or PM you.

    Also try some of the local radio stations websites as they sometimes have a 'Listen Live' option and news updates
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  4. My daughter's in toronto. Just talked to her last night. Lots of rain, wind, but no worries. Hope this eases your mind
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  5. I just got an update from a friend in Barrie Toronto, she says,

    "We got the storm last night, Lots of wind, rain and trees down. It appears to be moving on now but still lots of people sitting in the dark"

    Hope that helps a bit its not as bad as eastern seaboard of the USA
  6. If it gets bad they'll call out the Reserves on emerg. fanout. Or is that only when they get 8" of snow? He's safe, mate don't worry.

    * mayor Lastman called them out years ago for a snowstorm. We were on standbye to go at CFB Petawawa in case the reserves fucked it up. Point being, there is no compunction about T.O. calling in the troops for any " aid to the civil power" exercise, whether it's necessary or not.
  7. It may be his phone is dead and the powers down so can't be charged. Does he have Facebook, theres lots of people in the area updating through that. Hope alls well
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  8. Thanks everyone I can understand that if power is down he can't charge his phone.
    The major concern is the details he gave my wife are wrong. So I have no idea where he is in the city, we are going to get a list of all the hotels starting near the airport and start calling them all
  9. According to the latest advisory the main part of the storm isn't due near to Toronto until tomorrow morning.

    Post-Tropical Cyclone SANDY
  10. Have you found the wee man yet ?
  11. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Got rellies on Toronto who emailed me an hour back and its a bit windy and with a fair bit of snow but nothing horrific
  12. Thanks for your help folks, he is shacked up in a hotel near the airport and didn't think to charge his phone.
    He sent one of my other sons a message on facebook.
    He is oblivious to the worry at this end.
    My uncle is going to try and drive up from Syracuse and spend a little time with him, he seemed excited that he was gonna see his great nephew again.
    once again thanks
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  13. Great news