No Duff: dodgy "Islamic" possibly jihadist "charity"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by POGscribbler, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. Just had a second spam phone call from a so called charitable organization asking for funding, for a "childline" type set up helping "disadvantaged and disabled kids get food, shelter, water education and a decent start in life". I could barely understand a word he was saying and no search on the net seems to reveal its existence.

    They where doing the hard sell and pushing a corporate calendar with advertising for new businesses amongst other things.

    its apparent address

    Given the recent press reports of Jihadist fund raising activities using fake charities and the extent of the chaps english and general feel and sound of the call centre I feel highly suspicious of said organization, added to by the lack of internet presence.

    I may be wrong but has anyone else had dealings with these guys?

    I said no thanks but have a feeling they will phone back tomorrow.

    with thanks

  2. Question have you reported it to your local MI branch
  3. oldbaldy

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  4. Which one is my "local"? I work out of Chicksands with 15 Psyops group who would I need to speak to within Chicksands?

    PM me perhaps

  5. If that address was supposed to be: then they seem to be a UK Christian charity based in the Diocese of Bath and Wells.

    Alarm over perhaps?

    Then again considering the Archbishop of Canterbury's recent remarks perhaps you're right!
  6. Oh the irony:

    Perhaps you should go on the course! ;)
  7. Nope, just spoken to the Top Bod there, they don't canvas or do teli-marketing in anyway. The website is set up purely to sell a DVD and associated literature.

  8. Could it be this lot?

    It sounds more likely, though Christian, rather than Islamic.

    (It's all the same, after all).
  9. Well I doubt it's which seems to be a helpline for large women.

    Could it be this:

    Charities Commission file on them:
  10. Could it be

    I need a new one for sure!
  11. "Could it be this:"/

    "Could it be this lot?

    It sounds more likely, though Christian, rather than Islamic"

    Nope and Nope.... the schpeel was helping "disadvantaged and disabled kids between the ages of 6 and 12 get food, shelter, water education and a decent start in life".

    I have just spoken to a few knowledgeable people who have said it may well be just a straight forward fraudulent operation.

    in either case, watch out folks

  12. Watch out!

    If it is the set-up I think it is, you may soon get a bill claiming you owe them for advertising you took out in their corporate calendar. They will threaten you if you dont pay.

    Happened to a small business I know. These crooks hope that either you are a halfwit who just pays any bill that comes in without looking at what it is for, or, you will pay up to get an easy life when they start threatening court action.

    If this happens, dont pay a penny and call their bluff. Just say "see you in court". Do not bother arguing on the phone with them.