"No Dramas" are people saying it where you work???

That phrase did the rounds years ago - don't tell me it's back?

What film have hey half inched it from this time?

It used to get right on ma tits!!!! Anyway, I'm over it now.... no dramas :D


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My colleague/housemate uses the word "Dixons" to convey the same meaning. I didn't know what the funk he was on about until he explained that Dixons bought out Currys, and he originally used to say "Currys" because their tag line was "No worries". Simple, if a little convoluted. It's even more irritating knowing that it's only a matter of time before I start saying it too :x


giles1969 said:
No Dramas<<<<

It seems to be the reply to all manner of questions at the moment.....

Is this the case in your unit/place of work????
Has that resurrected itself. It was a favourite in Jock Bns years, and it was 'nae drama'.


smudge67 said:
No dramas, or no worries, have both been around for as long as I can remember. I didn't know it had gone "out of fashion"?
Yeah, but you're just not 'with it'. You're so 80's man.


Legs said:
No dramas is going strong here in Germanyshire-On-The-Wold. But then this place is full of Dinosaurs
And 16 stone blokes prancing about in frocks pretending to be wimmin.


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I think the use of 'no dramas' and 'squared away' has been picked up on by various celebs and journos going to visit hot and sandy places lately, hence it has become one of those virally spreading sayings, started by the forces and copied by all the plebs.

I would suggest it's because there's been some MAJOR DRAMAS on ops of course, hence the use.
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