No dash/rear side lights on my Mk1 Focus

Discussion in 'REME' started by FatBoyGeorge, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. I've been playing with with wiring on my 12yo Focus and decided I'm out of my depth a little not having dealt with electrical problems on my motor before. A few weeks ago whilst driving at night the dash lights on my car started to flicker, it happened just a couple of times on that one journey and fixed itself so thought nothing more of it. That was until the missus borrowed the motor and was pulled over by another driver to be told she had no rear lights, she's experienced with motors so wasn't surprised as she already lost the dash lights a couple of miles earlier.

    I've checked the fuses, the relay seems to work, the bulbs are the same as the brake lights and they work so can't be them or the bulb connectors, I've also had the light pods out and looked at the wiring behind them to check for a short but all looks okay.

    If any electrical types or problematic Focus owners have any idea what it is I would be grateful for your wisdom! Or even how I would go about testing the loom for any disconnections/shorts.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Crook switch?
  3. dash and rear lights not working -

    "Been a few posts about this lately-try removing your interior light switch (the one to the right of your steering wheel in a cluster of light switch/headlight adjustment/dimmer switch)

    Just pull the facia hard and the four clips holding it in place will come free.Unplug your headlight switch and check the pins-they may be black with sooty type deposits. (when I say sooty I mean black,not that annoying squeeky 80's hand puppet)

    They may clean up with meths or you may need a new switch from a scrappers."
  4. Every car electrical problem comes down to a dodgy neg earth return.
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  5. Cheers BM, I did look on a couple of Ford forums but didn't see that particular thread. I've got the light switch in my hands and it looks brand new, as does the multi pin plug behind the dash. Nor was there any flickering whilst I was vigorously wiggling the plug.

    I'm still in denial about the cause being an earth fault but I'm quickly running out of ideas.

  6. How hard would it be to check the rear of the dash clock clusters electrical connectors? If there is a common earth on the moulded plug and socket behind the dash-that could effect the rear lights too if it was loose.........It's probably a right twat to get at mind. But it's what I'd go for.
  7. This, esp on Fords. Run an extra earth from the rear light cluster to anywhere on the bodyshell in the boot. Works on Ford-era Jaguars too.
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  8. Or this^. This sound like much less of a lickout than getting behind your dash. And it's a process of elimination thingy too. Do this first.
  9. I'm pretty sure that Alfa Romeo would win any "shit electrics" competition.
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  10. Ooh, I dunno. I just did a MAF and 4 injectors on an E46 320d, and the wiring is cheap rubbish, badly routed and clipped in with razor-edged clips. MOAR problems waiting to happen. The engine bay was clearly designed by one Marquis de Sade.

    BMWs. Just ******* don't.
  11. Take a look at a Land Rover Disco 2!

    The design team were on drugs (or in the pay of the Land Rover Dealers) to make the simple as complicated as possible.

    Hard plastic fuel lines and radiator hoses ffs! Insane.
  12. Fiat Punto (2006 onwards) electrics wins hands down, designed by Stevie Wonder while his guide dog barked encouragement.

    Back to OP, would be inclined to test them with an added, separate, temp earth to confrim the problem. quick to check, then hunt at your lesiure for the actual fault.
  13. Well after a lot of ******* about spending 20mins at a time trying to sort it out, it turned out to be the internal switch itself. It seems Ford have changed the internals of the switch a couple of times since 1998 to try and fix the reoccurring issue of no dash illumination/side lights.

    So £98 plus VAT later and it's job jobbed!

    Cheers for all your replies, and hope this saves some other poor ****** a lot of time and grief.

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