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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by websters, May 27, 2005.

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  1. What is it with **** signals regt's not lettin lance jacks in the mess, ok it saves you a stinking mess bill, but thats not the point i wanna be able to slope off on mess meetings and get p1ssed in work time. :twisted:

    CO blames tech's but REME Bn' with takes still let l/cpls in the bar must be a scaley thing.
  2. Lance Jacks aren't allowed in the Corporal's Mess? I think that's this policy throughout the entire Corps?
  3. Lance Jacks are automaically members of the Cpls Mess. They ahve as much right to be thier as full Cpls. Which unit is denying them access? Is this a purely scaley thing?

    Your RSM should be doing something about this.
  5. It doesnt seem to be a corps wide thing. At 21 sigs 2002 before the mess got dispanded for ops all Cpls and LCpls were in the mess. Where is it that only Cpls are allowed.
  6. 30 sigs
  7. The regt in question has a Cpl's Club not mess, the reason L/Cpl's aren't allowed is due to the ammount of kiddy tech L/Cpl's in the unit. Websters if you work harder, pass your courses, become a substansive L/Cpl, get recommended and promoted then you could come into the club. Don't know if the door will need widening though (for yor Massive Head), and you won't be able to bring the OC. (that's for the Tech Stmn Jibe) :p :cry:
  8. A LCpl is a LCpl irrespective of trade!
  9. I disagree some tech LCpls are very immature because they are straight from training and have that rank as an incentive to stay in yet they have no command and control ability. This cant be a sweeping statement because some people are of course natural leaders and the intelligence techs require can help but in the same breath it tends to hinder common sense.

    Perhaps the way to do it is have membership for all but those who act like Idiots are bared from the mess for lengthy periods of time!!

  10. I agree wholeheartedly. As an RLC chef I took four years to get my first, and am currently posted to an RMP unit, which caused a lot of ill feeling at first because their senior ranks treated me like a nig. Don't forget, not only do RMP get their first tape STRAIGHT FROM TRAINING, they only have to do a year or two more to get their second (A feat which took me eight years). With age comes maturity, but having said that they shouldn't be barred from any messes. Senior mess members should keep them in check, problem solved.
  11. In one of my RMP units, we had only one person who was not an NCO. He was a REME Craftsman. Upon his posting to us it was immediately proposed and carried in the Mess that he should be issued a standing invitation to use the Mess. The only difference was that he did not get to vote at mess meetings.

    One of the things I was always told by the attached personnel REME and ACC was that, when told they were being posted to an RMP unit they were dreading it, but they found it great when they got there. Normal working hours, with no duties (except being on call at home for both the duty cook and duty mechanic), and being left alone to get on with their stuff by RMP and having none of their own breathing down their necks.

    I can only remember two occasions when the cook was called in (once relating to a terrorism case and the other a murder). I cannot remember the mechanic ever being called in. If a vehicle went tits up, we just swopped it for another.

    Of course that is just my experience
  12. The cook sounds like a right dodgy baastard.
  13. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Aye but they still couldn't catch him! :twisted: :wink:
  14. Funnily enough he had a Regimental Record as long as your arm - Good lad though and very popular alround.
  15. Are mess rules not regulated by QRs? How about banning newly qualified Sgts from the mess because they are too niggy? Totally fcuking absurd. When i was at Abingdon the LCpls were always excluded from the Cpls to Sgts mess games nights, yet when it was hosted in the Cpls mess they were all ordered to attend.