No contact sport, beer, tabs or Coca Cola for us then.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Aug 16, 2004.

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  1. The man's a complete idiot, as he likes the American's so much, he can pee off back there forthwith.

    MOD are definitely loosing their marbles listening to his rantings :evil:
  2. So now this guy thinks soldiers shouldnt drink Tea, beer or play football,Rugby and Hockey :?: .

    Odds on we see him as defence secretary very soon. :roll:
  3. I bet he would sanction us only going to war if it was with the Spams!!!!! I think we have just found another candidate for the Pit that Berni started
  4. What a F***ING screwball !!!

    We paid him money to come up with this sh1te. :x
  5. 8O ....he wore a US uniform to the enquiry !!!! admirer of Gen George Patton...!!!! paid £1000 per week... !!!!! Fack me the world of the MOD has gone completely bonkers ( more than I'd imagined ). This cnuts completely barking, you could'nt make it up, you really could'nt. :roll:

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  6. This makes me want a beer and a fag................and it's only 0945

    It must have been intended for April 1st
  7. Just had my first cigarette for over 20 years (I gave up before I joined up)

    Why does the government hate us so much? Makes me think they are very frightened of us but I don't know why.
  8. Sounds a "little hitler" to me.

    He cant make these comparisons, Americans tend to be less tollerant to caffine than us europeans, and thier beer is weaker than ours yet they still get as pished as us...

    Take away tea? is he mad? what else is there? and as for alcohol in basic training, as far as i can remember - we couldn't have any until week 8 with 2 left to go and it was at a party thrown by the cadre..with an 8 miler in the am "blurrrghhh"

  9. The only good thing in that article was that the MoD sacked him - maybe they do have some common sense after all.
  10. At least he didn't ban wanking. "The US army are far superior ******* - in fact we're the biggest ******* in the world". Pity someone didn't deck the cnut.

    Mind you, he has a point about kit.
  11. He might be right about the uniform and boots .But the rest is horse manure .If the us army so great why didint it win in vietnam ?
  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no wonder the MoD are denying GWS exists, they are employing barking mad idiots like this to provide their reasoned assessments of cause and effect. Easy to deny GWS when you don't live in the real world as evidenced by this clown's demands to stop soldiers from playing contact sports which teach controlled agression and tactics, something you actually WANT from soldiers!

    Making friends and influencing people 101?
  13. £1000 a day. Stumpy could have done a better job!