No compulsory redundancies at MOD!

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by BennyBagnuts, Nov 24, 2011.

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  1. Just read this in the Telegraph. i'm not going to blame the civvies at the MOD. If you can get away with it then fair play.

    No civil servant cuts at cash-strapped MoD - Telegraph

    I am however pretty annoyed at this god awful excuse for a woman, Ursulla Brennan, never had a real job in her life.

    Ministry of Defence | About Defence | People | Senior Officials | Permanent Under Secretary

    Her comments certainly raised my eyebrows as I took my morning constitutional.

    Mrs Brennan admitted that Armed Forces personnel and civil servants are being treated differently as jobs are cut.

    “That is an absolute distinction between the two schemes and is part of an approach that the civil service takes civil service-wide, that we don’t go to compulsory redundancy until we’ve done the voluntary exits first.”

    She suggested that, unlike service personnel, civil servants are harder to sack because they have “flexible skills”.

    She told the committee: “It is also partly because if you look at the Armed Forces, you have people who have specific ranks and trades.

    “A very large number of the civil service have flexible skills that enable them to work in a variety of places.

    ''Therefore, if you are targeting redundancy, it is much harder to target a redundancy programme for a generic group of staff.”
  2. The name bitch springs to mind
  3. So is she saying that all the feckin Squaddies and other service pers I have ever served with cannot adapt and be flexible when tasked to do a job outside their own CEG!!! She is ****ing barkin! As we all know we can put our hand to anything, Binmem,Firemen, rescue, MACP, MACC. Etc etc.
  4. I wish we could strike I really do, not for anything perticular I know there's no money in the pot and all that, I'd just like other suit wearing types to flap and suffer.
  5. Pretty much, she clearly holds us in high regard. i think she would have been better off just saying "**** off, we've got a better deal" Looks like post SDSR there will be more civvies than soldiers.
  6. Yeah well if that's what she's saying, if you take area cleaning and pan bash duties out of the equation, she's pretty much got a point.
  7. Hardly, we can be a victim of our own humour and humbleness, this being the case. From my own personal experience as an example any bod in a rifle section on current ops has a huge amount of responsability and requires flexibility at all levels with what at times are very complicated pieces of kit and drills.

    I'm not one for starting an outrage trumpet but seems to me the picture in her head of the average 'squaddie' is one of conscription type genericness with no responsibilities beyond getting up in the morning.

    Either way shes a ****.
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  8. Seems to me that this is yet another thread started by a non squaddie purely to get a rise out of you.
  9. Perhaps, and I loath to take any grain of fact from anything reported in the papers but it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine that this is their view of us.

    Like I said I'd just love to see the carpet pulled from under them, never going to happen but heyho.
  10. Actually that would be false. I am serving and most of the people in my Sqn can do a variety of jobs outside of their CEG. We all have instructors, H&S inspectors, Drivers etc. Whereas your average MOD civvy still thinks its the 70's and has the mentality of 1 man 1 job. DST comes to mind.
  11. Seeing as how the voluntary redundancy scheme was over-subscribed by 3:1ish why bother with the (more expensive) compulsary redundancies?
  12. Ms Brennan is in a bit of a cleft stick.
    The govt is bound by an agreement with unions to offer civil servants voluntary early release before considering compulsory redundancies.
    The armed forces have no such protection and the cut to the chase can be quicker.
    It falls to Ms Brennan to present this to the populace as:
    a. Logical
    b. A good thing
    It may well be that Ms Brennan’s apparent lack of knowledge of transferable skills in the military and belief that “a good manager can manage anything”* have been acquired for the purpose.

    *May be true – but the ones that are that good aren’t working for Civil Service wages.
  13. Very true.
  14. Sure you are.
  15. No need to worry - they are all taking VERS anyway. If anything, morale in the MoD (certainly amongst the civil servants) is even lower than my beloved Home Office. I should have taken VERS when I had the chance.