No close-combat roles for women, says MOD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by London_native, Nov 30, 2010.

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  1. Theres a fair few Jennies that have mixed it far more than two thirds of this sites membership.
  2. I think they mean patroling with the intention of killing the enemy.
  3. what about hand-to-gland combat??
  4. Aye, and the first thing on the BCD Master Drill is win the fire-fight!
  5. Their primary role is to be medics, not infanteers.
  6. I thought everyone was a Soldier first tradesmen second?
  7. Depends on if your definition of soldier first , if you equate soldier first to being an infanteer, you would be very wrong.
  8. From the article:
    (My bold)

    You want risk free, you don't go to war.

    I'd have been happy enough, but I wasn't infantry. Be interesting to hear the views of any current infanteers.
  9. The way Ive understood it is that the Army wish to keep the buissness of "closing with and killing" for males only.
    Infantry team medics should be the only type of medic that is involved with the CQB stuff.

    The female RAMC types should be back with TAC which in theory is a more secure and defensivly minded subgroup of the larger offensive action and although they may only be a matter of metres apart on the battlefield, the mindset required, their seperate individual aims and intentions of the two are very different.
  10. Try re-reading the piece. Then read it again. Then if you still don't understand, read it again.
  11. "If wishes were fishes, beggers would be Kings"

    The Army may wish to only have male medics cutting about the battlefield, but that is up there with fully manned units at all ranks, FRES supplied in full and a lie in on Tuesday morning....
  12. Women have another role?