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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by spad, Apr 30, 2010.

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  1. Quick one:
    does my bike NCD count when applying for car insurance?

    havent had a car with my own insurance for 3-4 years now so my NCD has past,

    but I do have 5 years NCD with my bike,

    can I use this for my car insurance?
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Quick answer - there is no general answer.

    Phone them up and ask them as each insurer will have their own procedures.
  3. In 25 years of riding bikes I have never been able to use my bikes NCD for my car and visa versa.

    I do not believe anyone offers this, but if I am wrong, can some one let me know as my bike is up for insurance next month! :(...having said that, £80 fully comp wont kill me :)
  4. gonna say my ninja full comp is 220 (younun you see)
    but for a 600 quid banger TFT they want 500 notes!!! get poked!

    might as well do what the chavs do and not insure it and then run if i crash ;)

    daft really since every one knows biking is harder then driving so surely some if not all should cross over
  5. Old'en on a CBR 600 RR :) my older TRX 850 costs £120 fully comp as its a "classic"
  6. Generally, not. But shop around, you may find one.
  7. found out if your a named driver or on a company polices admiral will count it as your own, as long as you send proof happy days :D
  8. Have to agree with the_duke on this, different companies offer modified policies in ref to NCD,

    A lot depends on circumstances, company & whether it's profitable for the Insurer?

    Some mirror some don't simple!
  9. Update...

    just in the process of re-newing my policy so asked (my broaker) about transferable NCD..nope..coz I still have a car...if I had one or the other it would be possible through one or two companies..but..the quote i got with a transferable NCD was actually more than if i had no NCD on the bike.

  10. msr

    msr LE

    Mine insurer would not count the NCD for my car towards my bike.

    So when the insurance company said "Have you got any points on your car license?" I said "it has nothing to do with it" and they said "Oh yes it does".

    Grr, sometimes the insurance industry has its cake and eats it.
  11. I'm ashamed to say I used to work in the insurance industry for a broker a few years back :oops:

    Out of the 30 insurers I dealt with not one would accept bike NCD on a car policy (and vice versa)

    They will take in to consideration how long you've been riding and had your licence but it's once again down to the insurer/broker, they really want experience on the matching vehicle type :(

    And yes they are all a bunch of thieving *******!
  13. In fairness to the thieving gits, you have points on your driving licence. You do not have seperate licences for a car and bike, nor is it recorded anywhere on your licence what vehicle you were driving when you got the points. You do, however, have seperate insurance policies for each vehicle (unless on a multi-vehicle policy) that build up no-claims discounts independently of each other.

    Thieves they may be and reluctant to pay out when you need them but there have been one or two occasions when I have been very pleased with my policies in terms of return-on-investment so overall, I will continue to insure everything fully comp.
  14. Cashback websites take the sting out of things too.
    35 quid for a superbike thanks to 50 quid cashback.
    Almost made up for the £70 extra last year when I swapped bikes 1 month into my policy and the thieving sods hit me with'admin' fees.