No cigarettes in Iraq theatre!

Which Unit did the crime?

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Yep, a soldier walked into what I assume to the main EFI, saying he was buying cigarrettes for his unit, appro 50,000 or 250 packets! And promptly cleared out the EFI of stock and then left the country!

So now soldiers are limited to 400 a purchase!

I am suprised the RAF Polizie, usually most zealous of airport Nazis would have spotted the ISO he was trying to smuggle onto the Tristar at BSR!

We are wondering what unit he was from- shame on you who have immediatley tarred the Kingos as theiving gypsies!
The great thing about Kosovo circa 2001, was that you could take about 4000 ciggies home on leave with you, as long as your bag wasn't searched by the Nazis (Oops! I meant the RAF Police!) you were quids in. Paying under a tenner for 200, then flogging them back in blighty for £25-£30!

Point is, we should all be allowed to do this or at least a bling eye should be turned, I think we deserve it after all!



I agree. And I don't even smoke! All my mates do and it'd be great to flog smoe cheap ciggies thier way, wtih of course 200% profit for me!

Well I am a pikey singly after all!

Why! Why! Well even before they came to Cyprus in 98 even BFPS radio put out a warning about leaving "Anything out" that might get

No smoke without fire I say.
Someone told me that they're known as "The Hydraulic Jacks", 'cause
they'll lift anything!
Apparently, each member carries a little adjustable spanner in their belt-kit, just incase they come across somthing that's bolted down and shinny... :wink:
Istnt that standard issuse for everyone though? Knowing someone who
took a laser range finder out of a bradley but was forced to put it back by
his cpl .And everything not bolted down would soon end up in a squaddies
smock those 95 smocks hold everything :D .
agggg defending scouses nooo please volunteer me for suicide misson
Did a two week job at thier camp in Weaton, and had to park my Mil Vech in the MT everynight, because the Provo Sgt said if i did not it would not be there in the morning
Shut up, shut up.
Apparantly, the KINGOs have a different rank system to the rest of us:

Army - KINGOs

Pte - Shoplifter
LCpl - Joyrider
Cpl - Getaway Driver
Sgt - Burglar
CSgt - Fence
WO2 - Forger
WO1 - Blagger

They have thier own courses as well

Army - KINGOs

MT Sgt's - Hotwiring, VIN erasing, forging VELs.
CQMS's - Fencing, drug dealing, providing alibis.
Skill at Arms - Drive-by shooting/Armed robbery.
BFAT- Pickpocketing.
NBC - Disguises.
Service Funds Accountancy - Money Laundering
Recovery Mech. - TWOC'ing
Veh Mech. - Ringing
Recce. - Casing
Welfare Officer - Blackmail/racketeering/intimidation.
Platoon Comds - Steamin'
Rockclimbing/abseiling - Burgling flats
Para - Burgling high flats
Regimental Accountant - Money Laundering (Instructor)
Clerk - Anonymous letters.
Electrician - Disabling Alarms
Welder - Safe breaking
ATO - Big safe breaking/Securicor van opening.
Rigid Raider Driver - Smuggling
Vet - Knobbling race horses/greyhounds
Vet Asst - Badger baiting/cock fighting
SSAFA Sister - Benefit fraud/gasmeter fiddling
Quality post, Ma :D

Some regimental appointments:

Chaplain - i/c confidence tricks
Medical Officer - internet Viagra sales
Sigs tp - Wanna buy a mobile?

More Army-KINGO courses:

Basic Skills - Smash & grab, lying to the police.
EFP 1 - learning how to fill in benefit forms, bluffing the council.
EFP 2 - learning how to forge benefit forms, blackmailing local councilor.
BIT Cse - Instructing all of the above and previous.
Mortars- Getting rid of stolen property.
Milan - and putting as much distance as you can between it and you.
Sniper - hitman.
Camouflage and concealment - hiding evidence and providing safe houses.
Provost Staff - Brief.
More appointments:

Battalion Orderly Officer - Lookout.
Duty Driver - Getaway driver
CO's Driver - Getaway driver who has a license.
POL Storeman - Black marketeer.



No wonder I get requests from my penpals for more cigs in the care packages I send.

Gonna have to send more cartons in the the next batch, I guess. And, someone remind me to order an extra case of the Jack Daniels Flavored Coffee.



I say to our enemies, We Are Coming.
GOD may show you mercy. WE will not.

-----Senator John S. McCain, R-Ariz, USA

We go to liberate, not to conquer.
We will not fly our flags in their country
We are entering Iraq to free a people and the only flag which will be flown in that ancient land is their own.
Show respect for them.
As for ourselves, let's bring everyone home and leave Iraq a better place for us having been there

-----Tim Collins. Colonel. British Army.

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