No charges for 5 Scots 'body souvenirs'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theylie, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. Good. The point of the story is "insufficient evidence", not "let them off with it".

    I.e. as far as the law is concerned, after investigation, it didn't happen.
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  2. i hope the accused, when found not guilty gave them the finger!!!

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  3. Good news for once....

    Anyone got a market for gold teeth? :rolleyes:
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  4. Good.

    As an aside.

    So an own goal with an IED or a direct hit from a drone strike is going to be problematic.

  5. And Johnny Gurkha got away with beheading the Taliban commander good news all round!
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  6. We'd all heard about the man in the Highlands who was "building his own gook", parts were the least of his troubles.

    Michael Herr - Dispatches 1977

  7. Do they save their foreskin in a little box and have it buried next to them later then?
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  8. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I would imagine Johnny G wondered what all the fuss was about. has a report (p.120) of Ghurkas collecting ears from dead Turks in 1917. I think I've already posted a long-ago tale of a Ghurka in a Jungly helicopter with an Indon's head in a tin under his seat in the 1960s. And I was told by a cousin fairly recently how our mutual great uncle's Sikhs, after he was killed in 1914, went out and collected German heads to send home to India.

    There was a somewhat synthetic row in the 50s about our chaps in Malaya bringing CT heads back for identification, that resulted in them having to lug the entire putrefying body back through the ulu instead - totally unrealistic. The pic is now being used on the net by undesirables for anti-British propaganda.

    .. if you can keep your head when all about you ..
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  9. Add to that my Great Uncle's story of when he was in WW2 with the Gurkhas that he was offered a German Helmet still with the remnants of the head in it or was it just the blood, after a few Whiskys he became almost indecipherable.
  10. The version I heard is, A junior officer came up with the bright idea of just bringing the head back of a dead terrorist.
    Walked into the local HQ proudly shouting out "Got another one for you to mark off your list"
    Holding up severed head of dead terrorist. Only to be faced by GOC and his entourage making an inspection. Sense of humour failure and possible career death followed.
  11. Sounds like great fun for their kids..... make a Mr Potato Taliban.

    Get a large potato off mum, then dad supplies the ears, nose, greasy beard etc...

    Fun for all ages.
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  12. And what a bunch limp dicked, whining socialist pussies we have become! Severed heads of the enemy should be de rigeur and posted outside traitor's gate, would soon shut the Muslim extremists up!

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  13. I thought Buckfast only shrank the contents.
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