No can POST.

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by jonwilly, Jun 10, 2006.

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  1. Gents strange as this may sound I cannot post on any forum as a reply and have only just found that I can start a thread.
    Anyone eles having problems ?
  2. Jonwilly, you do realise that anyone who can't post wont be able to post on this thread to inform you that they cannot post, don't you?
  3. Hit <Tab> 300 times and you will hit the message box, I'm having the same issues today..
    I'm using Firefox and I guess you are too.. I'm trying to solve it as I speak :)

    I think it could be something to do with an edit to the code used on this site and it's kicking up fuss with Firefox as the IE peeps aren't haveing to much trouble from what I see, I'm also just going to test that, but yes to your Q I am having trouble..

    BRB just going to test IE, other then that, their ain't much we can do.. could try the update and see what that does!!

    Sorry for the odd answer, testing now :)
  4. He also said he's just found out he can start a thread, which is what he's done here. Start sparking Death_Rowums :wink:
  5. AH now things seem to have returned to normal.
    Nothing done just passage of time.
  6. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I'm not clear what the problem is from this description and I can post with both firefox and IE no problem.

    The only thing that's changed recently is spoken about on other threads here, but it hasn't stopped anyone posting so far. May be worth trying clearing your cache though:

    easiest: press ctrl and f5 together. Wait for the page to refresh. Make sure F lock is on if you've one of those microsoft keyboards where the function keys are off as standard.

    Firefox: (In top menu) Tools, clear private data, then clear the cache.

    IE: (in top menu) Tools, internet options then in the 'general' tap click 'clear files'
  7. No problems with posting.

    However, I have had problems getting my cursor into the little box to enter my code at login - could be symptomatic of the same problem.
  8. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    That's odd as I've done absolutely nothing to the front page. Which theme?
  9. There is a fairly lengthy thread that I initiated the other day: which I believe is due to the same problem, the final post being:

    Although I am no longer bothered about this difficulty, as (usually) I can find another way round it, I have since noticed that, on the affected pages, the (blue) links: news articles, user name, profile, thread title that are in the top half of the page DO NOT respond, where as those in the bottom half DO. Does this offer any clues?
  10. The blue one - and it's not just me being a biff, before the inevitable flood starts! :D
  11. This is very strange. I just attempted to reply in a forum and same problem as yesterday, No Cursor in Post reply box. Repeated use of TAB brought up a cursor and I wrote, but then it would not post when I pressed SUBMIT. I came here to see if any more relavent info and found I can post on this thread.
    I use Apple Mac and Netscape.
  12. Stranger still, I have just attempted again to post in Current Affairs and same problem as above.
    Once I go to post reply and write message no cursor and the' Jump to', selector does not function either.
    Yet here all seems normal.
  13. And for what its worth Rum Ration seems to OK.
  14. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Should all be cured EXCEPT the front page code thing, which I can't duplicate.
  15. Seems OK.