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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mackyd, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering, if there were no amy and all the money spent running and maintaining it were put in to buying more planes, boats (long range weapons) would it not be easier to win a war and lose less men?
  3. I know it may be stupid but i was wondering
  4. Yes you are correct, it is stupid....stop wondering
  5. Haha at least you said 'that was stupid' in a funny way, on the chat i got bollocksd' for asking it
  6. Hang on, you've just come on chat, talked complete drivel worthy of a five year old, and STILL want to know the answer to a question that has been answered...are you an uber-mong?

  7. you asked this BONE question on chat, and got your answer (and more)
    you then went and said this
    now do one!! :banned:
  8. The complete drivel was a (albeit stupid) question?
    No one on chat could say something funny about it just abuse, so it was not me talking drivel
  9. This thread is heading the same way as your last...the have the conversational ability of a boiled egg, and the intelligence of the most stupid boiled egg in existence. I heartily agree i with PP. The complete drivel was what followed a bone question. You've been on since March, you should know Arrse isn't the sort of place to suffer fools.

  10. I am still failing to contemplate why everyone got so angry over it, i didnt start the argument, i just asked a wondering question
  11. the NAAFI is no place for bone questions like that, it was a stupid question and if you sat and had a think about it then you would have come with the same answer as everyone else

    in to the hole with this one i think!!!
  12. Maybe a crap question but it was on par with the level of conversation in the naafi, and you cant exactly say it wasnt
  13. This should really be in chat so this is the last I will say on the matter. You shouldn't expect to ask such an obviously stupid question and not get flak for it. The flaws in long rang force projection were relatively evident to anyone with half a brain, and were also pointed out to you by some nice gentlemen in the chat room. Furthermore you went on to annoy everyone by being a mong and giving your reason for curiosity as "a friend and his computer game". Nice work. Also, (pedant alert) if you failed to contemplate it, no wonder you don't understand or comprehend it! Please stop asking silly questions or go away (or both.)

  14. Just a final (I promise...well sort of) word or five...first; you're a mong. Second; you argue like a child. Third; nice work slagging the Forces off here. Fourth; your link to the Forces would be? Fifth; Fcuk off.