No Arm Done

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Little Militia Boy, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. It's the sort of evidence ATOS require, so expect more such events in future.
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  2. What the fuck?
  3. It must be weird, as a 73 year old, to look at a part of your body that stopped living when it was 27 years old.
  4. Must be a good feeling to rock-up at the disability claim tribunal and slam it down on the desk, though.
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  5. No it's the worst thing. He can no longer claim for having lost his arm.
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  6. Come, come old boy! All a little 'armless fun.....I find it rather humerus actually.
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  7. At least he can scratch his bollocks with both hands for the first time in 47 years....
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  8. Med students never, ever grow up, do they?
  9. Sod putting it in a display cabinet. I'd have it reattached.

    Imagine watching a horror movie in a darkened cinema and the person next to you grabs your arm during a scary scene...
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  10. 47 years, and he didn't give it a nickname?
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  11. And scratch that unreachable itch on his back.
  12. Could be worse.....


    The image in Life magazine depicts a young blond at a desk gazing at a skull. The caption says “When he said goodbye two years ago to Natalie Nickerson, 20, a war worker of Phoenix, Ariz., a big, handsome Navy lieutenant promised her a Jap. Last week Natalie received a human skull, autographed by her lieutenant and 13 friends, and inscribed: "This is a good Jap – a dead one picked up on the New Guinea beach." Natalie, surprised at the gift, named it Tojo. The armed forces disapprove strongly of this sort of thing.
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  13. That is a humerus story.