No answer from Brown on the TA today!

crumpets said:
Brown still not answering questions on the cuts to TA training- question put to Gordon Brown today in PMQ's. He doesn't seem to get that there are other people in the TA who are important aside from those being deployed!

Question put to Brown by Crispin Blunt.
Did you expect any less? "No effect on current operations" is becoming a mantra for the Government - anybody wondering who they're trying to convince?
Next step- no current operations at all.

Thus any cuts will have no effect. Cheers, Gordo.
I saw the answer - classic Brown "truth". To claim that a PR09 inspired saving measure, aimed at reducing fiscal pressures on the MOD is actually because the Army recruited 9000 not 7000 people this year is unbelievably insulting.

As usual, Brown didnt quite lie, but he in no way told the truth.

The damage this option is causing is immense, it is no understatement to say that I doubt we will have much of the TA left in 6 months, and many of my TA peers are either jacking in, or moving onto an organisation where they feel valued. Why stick with an organisation which the Army regards so poorly, when there are plenty desperate for them.
The man's a c0ck. Like a lot of politicians, of all hues, he still thinks the TA is a shooting and drinking club for part time Rupert's, students and OAP squaddies to socialise.

There are some oxygen thieves but most are decent people that are happy to train and act as a reserve in return for a part time wage

The Tories cut training days in the 80s and expected us to train for free. Never really happened though - too many lads needed the cash thanks to Thatcher's employment policies.

Open your good eye Gordon. 10% of troops in Afghanstan are non-regular. If you stop those at home from training you won't be able to replace the ones that come home at end of tour because a lot will have buggered off and got a part time job in Chavdonalds or Tesco

* edited for poor grammar, hedjewcatered under Thatcher so it's not my fault


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Commons Debate on this on Monday - Mark Lancaster MP ( and Major RE(V)) has secured this at short notice - looks like the Tories see this as a stick to beat the Government with.............
I thought I was training for free. The money turned up so infrequently I thought the term 'Volunteer' was to be taken literally. It used to cost about £20 a weekend just for the beer, fags and roll ups.

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