No action on Israels nuclear activities

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Sep 23, 2006.

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    Well done America, even the mildest resolution gets a no vote. There will never be even a glimmer of progress on this while Israel holds Nuclear capability in contravention of the IAEA.

    You just wonder what the point of it all is :(
  2. I understand that Eygpt now wants to go with a Nuclear Energy program.
  3. So the fact that the resolution was backed by 15 arab countries says nothing to You PTP, along with the likes of Cuba (anti US), Indonesia(muslim), Iran(muslim AND anti US), Malaysia (muslim)and Venezuela (anti US).

    The fact that CANADA sponsored the veto must count fror something - they are hardly Poodles of Bush OR Blair and finally the results of the blocking ballot was 45 for, 29 against - does the US have 45 poodles????
  4. I'm talking about the 2nd, virtually toothless resolution Sven.
  5. PTP, I am supprised you link stories from scum press as Al- Jazeera!
  6. Why are Al-Jazeera scum press Moriarty?

    I watch a good deal of Arab news, and scum press is not an epithet I'd level at Al-Jaz, when there are so many more worthy candidates around.
  7. Well let me see. There code of ethics state:

    Distinguish between news material, opinion and analysis to avoid the pitfalls of speculation and propaganda.

    Well, there always willing to show many videos off British and American troops being killed by roadside bombs etc. Not propaganda for the other side ehh!!
  8. Exactly, Raghead TV isn't the most neutral of broadcasting sources just slightly biast towards the West and Israel only slightly....
  9. PTP, If you are going to quote on Arabic news websites, then you may wish to quote from the Asharq Al-Awsat website who are far more impartial on news coverage than Al-pro terrorist Jazeera!
  10. My apologies mate.
  11. All that nonsense aside, given that we aren't really in a position to do much about a bunch of psychotic Arabs going nuclear, I really don't see a drama in allowing a reasonably mature, Middle Eastern, Western-values orientated democracy to crack on with it.
  12. What I don't get is Why shouldn't the Western media be pro west, Its not but shouldn't it be ? Al Jazeera is overly pro Arab, there is nothing wrong with that and Al Jazeera should have the freedom to be that way(A western value) but to think their perspective is in the wests interest is crazy.
  13. Our news media is always quick to show the pictures of dead arabic chappies, so why should we expect arabic news channels to be any more honourable and decent than ours our.

    Besides Al-Ja has more unbiased and informational reporting than the BBC, CNN or ABC these days.

    Those points notwithstanding, I have absolutely no problem with a democratic and reasonably secular society possessing nukes (and using them) in their own defence. Especially when said country is surrounded by millions of psychotic, mumbo-jumbo believing, nutcases straight out of the Dark Ages, whose only technology that is being developed is nuclear.

    Even more so when said democratic country is made up of the survivors of a race that already has faced one extermination attempt and clearly faces the severe likelihood of another at some point in the future.
  14. Israel is a democracy and is therefore exempt from all international laws and conventions, didnt you know that?