No.6 throws a Seven

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 15, 2009.

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  2. So that big balloon finally got him!
  3. What a nightmare - being chased by one of your own Rubber Johnnies :D
  4. Well that is what they would have us think vvaannmmaann!
  5. Always knew those big exercise balls were no good for you!!
  6. Now he is no longer a Danger, Man.

    Hat - check.
    Coat - check.
    Gloves - check.
    Brolly 0 check.

  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer


    Should have/could have been Bond, but apparently he was too 'individual' and offbeat for the Broccoli Chubster.

    The Prisoner is a true piece of televisual mastery
  8. I thought that he was excellent as Dr Paul Ruth in David Cronenburg's 'Scanners'. An inexpensively made Canadian film famed for its exploding head sequence.
  9. I had just moved to the States as a young lad in the late '60s when 'Danger Man' was re-broadcast over there as 'Secret Agent'. The follow-up 'Prisoner' was lapped up by my US friends just as avidly as 'Monty Python'. In their different ways, both series were brilliant and educational examples of British irony and satire. A fond farewell to No 6.
  10. The only decent things about The Prisoner were the Mini Moke’s and the short skirts the ladies wore. Load of old 60’s tosh.

    Actually I’m not a free man I’m a number! Be seeing you……… :wink:
  11. I remember the Prisoner series. It was shown here initially as a summer replacement program on CBS I think. PBS also replayed all 17 episodes about a year or two ago. I remember the plots were very strange and unusual. The bubble things weren't a very impressive menace. Surely if No. 6 decided to take a runner he could see off those bubbles by bringing along a sharp needle or pin? :p I liked Leo McKern as No. 2 though - he was right jolly.

    Now AMC the cable movie channel is remaking the series with Gandalf in a key role. I'm looking forward to it. Hope they don't muck it up like FOX did Dr. Who when they tried re-imagining it in 1996.

    Well done Patrick.
  12. I remember being told many years ago (in his heyday) that he had a clause in his contacts about not doing love scenes, indeed I don't recall him ever doing one on screen.
  13. If true that would be a most unusual clause. I thought that was part of the perks of being a secret agent (or playing one on TV) having an occasional snog with Ursula Andress or Pussy Galore. :wink: :lol:
  14. possibly an early contender for "best thread title"

    well done :)