No 5 Rifles used in Europe 1945

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Nato Standard123, Jan 7, 2018.

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  2. I wonder what the advantage would be in the European theatre?

    If the soldier in the top photo isn't able to say

    'No, stop messing about!'

    In true Kenneth Williams manner, there's no justice in the world.
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  3. Good point or someone had already sussed that we didn't need weapon or round that could shoot out to distances where you couldn't see anyone?

    Personally, i always wondered why we didn't copy the boxheads , and make an intermediate round for the .303

    ......would have make savings on brass and propellant too.......modify or adapt the mag platform, and crack on
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  4. These soldiers appear to be all from Airborne Forces so perhaps it was thought to be easier to parachute with ?
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  5. Airborne types, makes sense to have a shorter weapon.
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  6. Maybe? but people have always known that .plus the No 5 had been in production since March 44 , months before Arnhem - why not issue to them for that Op?
  7. Now that I couldn't say ...perhaps Burma was a higher priority for the No.5 than parachutists ? Or Airborne Forces simply didn't know about it ? Pure speculation on my part .
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  8. I notice most of the photos appear to be taken away from combat areas. Maybe they were issued to rear echelons.

  9. No idea?...i'll try to dig out some more info or photos
  10. They seem to mainly show 1st Airborne Div in Norway in 1945.

    Which cap badges are the guys in those photos wearing ? I'm afraid I can't really make them out.
  11. By the time Norway had to be covered the war was well over, and much of the UK strength that was not required for occupation duties would have been earmarked for the far east ?
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  12. North Staffords ?
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  13. There was a battalion of South Staffords in 1st Airborne Div.
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  14. 'After some research I noted that the regiment was slated to go to the far east and issued the No 5 - then orders were changed and they were sent to Norway equipped with the No 5.'
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