No 5 Cookset

Discussion in 'RLC' started by treborrek, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have a set of instructions for the No5 Cookset. My Brother-in-Law to be helps run a Outward Bound Centre for dis-advantaged kids in Scotland and they have recently purchased a No5 set but it did not include any instructions. Can anyone help :?
  2. Managed to get hold of this set of instructions for you:

    Instructions for No5 Cookset

    1. Turn on cookset gas, leave to hiss for a couple of minutes then light with 2 foot length of flaming bogroll.

    2. Put pots of food on cookset and allow to heat to thermo-nuclear temperature.

    3. Remove pots from cookset and allow food to cool to room temperature.

    4. Serve cold food (with attitude).

    5. Allow duty tom to clean all 56 crud infested pots that have been used to heat 1 x tin of beans.

    6. Leave cookset burning all night so you don't get cold whilst you sleep soundly wrapped round it like a cat.

    7. Wake up really hot after 12 hours solid gonk and inform freezing cold troops that breakfast will be compo as there is no gas left. (must be explained with a semi-sincere look whilst badmouthing the QM's department for ever allowing this to happen)

    Stands by for incoming :wink:
  3. Shortarms, thanks for your PM. I have replied but I don't know if you have received it yet (problems with my PC). PS. did you work in the Garr Sgts Mess in Aldershot? I think I might know you.
  4. There's nothing like helping somebody then they repay you by giving away your Opsec!
    Treborrek, giving someones past history away is not advisable!
  5. Will send you them on monday. No never been posted to Aldershot (thank god) Dont know many Armourers that worked in a Mess :D
  6. I've never known for Armourers to work; full stop. lol
  7. I will have a look in the depths of my files (Bin!) - will pm you if I find a set.
  8. Edited to add;

    Shortarms - I was always in a mess at work! :lol:

  9. I know mate :wink: