No. 5 cook set operating manual


Can anyone assisst in providing a manual for the No5 cookset? We have aquired one to take to this years TT, and rather than blow half of the paddock up, was wondering if someone could send me a link or a copy?

Please PM me if you can.

All cooking jokes/ comments expected and greatly received! :)


Found this jsp_465Vol1 and there's a reference to the relevant manual.
Operating instructions for the No5 Cookset can be found in the relevant Army Equipment Support Publications 7360-G-100-201.

If I had the Manual you could have it. However, someone somewhere might have a dog-eared copy of the manual or a pdf they could forward?

By the by, you could also have asked for a stash of sticky page porn to wile away the dark hours and NAAFI breaks.
As for the No.5 Cookset, , it's a portable cooker that works on a propane bottle. Attach bottle to unit, turn knobs and strike a match. :) Make sure you don't leave the gas bottles at home. And if in doubt do what most sloppies do, serve a big feck off heavy pot with all the available tins mixed in. Divine.


Oooohhhhh..... Chef porn!

Did the usual Google searches and came up with that JSP link too. PMd a fellow sapper as after I posted this, found he too has asked for the same thing.
Many thanks for your efforts!

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