No.4 Trigger Question?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Tartan_Terrier, Aug 23, 2009.

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  1. I was at the range this afternoon with a couple of friends and very nice it was too.

    Unfortunately one of my friends had a bit of trouble with his Enfield in that the two-stage trigger was suddenly, almost magically transformed to a very light single stage trigger instead.

    Has anyone had this happen to theirs? Any ideas as to what could be causing it? Is it likely to just be in need of a good clean, or could it be something more serious?

  2. Drop the trigger guard and have a look. It's only two screws.

    Broken spring or foreign object most likely I would think.
  3. That was the first thing he did, but there was nothing obviously wrong as far as we could see.
  4. I'd suggest a closer look would be in order then. It's got to be in there. For it go suddenly suggests that something has broken or has dropped into the mechanism. It's fairly simple after all. Have a look at the sear.


    This article will be of help:
  5. He had assembled it wrongly last time he'd had it apart (the king screw) and was a bit worried that he'd damaged something when he'd fired it with it incorrectly assembled. I'm not 100% sure that that could be the cause though.
  6. Hold the cocking piece back as you dry fire it; ie don't let it fly forward:

    If you can still feel two stages, then it means the geometry is still ok, but the front face of the cocking piece has become a bit too polished (anyone been fiddling with the rifle...?).

    If you still only feel one stage, then the tip of the sear is at the edge of the cocking piece for some reason - can happen if the sear gets a bit bent or chipped.

    How did your friend "incorrectly assemble" the rifle? If he has lost the king screw collar and has subsequently crushed the wood a bit, then he may have put the trigger guard out of alignment - causing the trigger to act with just its top "bump" (the one that normally gives the second stage let-off).
  7. 4(T) that's exactly what he did. If he has crushed the wood, is it fixable? Perhaps steaming it out, or using some kind of spacer?
  8. Most 7.62mm conversions - Envoy, Enforcer, L39 - had a small steel plate inserted under the trigger guard, enabling the King screw to be really tight without damaging the rifle.

    This works well with No4 Mk2 actions, but can be tricky to adjust in a No4 Mk1 where the trigger is hung on the guard.

    As a quick and "reversible" repair attempt, try bending the whole triggerguard, just at the point between the trigger aperture and the magazine well aperture.

  9. Cheers 4(T), I'll tell him to take a look at this thread. He is registered here, but the lazy bugger never posts.