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it is a while since I have looked in so apologies for my absence

I am in the market for a No.4(T) and there are currently three on Guntrade. Steve Burnaby is the dealer I bought my Imbel .22lr Fal from, a good guy who comes across as very knowledgeable and honest, he has this one on there at the moment and I am meeting up with him at Bisley next week to view it.

I am not very knowledgeable about this weapon but have always fancied one for the collection, I am very aware that the collective experience on these pages is vast and come to you for assistance.

What are your thoughts and impressions on the weapon please? - Enfield, Lee .303 No.4(T) Sniper Complete Bolt Action Second Hand Rifle



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That looks very very nice, and in good condition for it's age, price is a bit strong but the complete kit is I suppose pretty rare these days, try it out and see what it's like is my advice
The photos are far too small to give any real indication about the rifle.

If you are meeting up at Bisley, then take the rifle and bits for an independent opinion from Colin in Fultons.

CAVEAT EMPTOR - its advisable to be extremely cautious when buying sniper equipments: premium prices are charged for "all matching" original kits, and there is a whole cottage industry in "matching" up rifles with scopes, or even rebuilding the rifles from scratch. These days, i wouldn't recommend paying nearly £4k unless you have built up a fair bit of knowledge about the rifles - the markings, how to tell if a rifle is original, etc...
Hi All

I have been offered a better price than on the site

I am meeting him at Fultons, the idea was to get an independant to look at it.

I have been looking at this "how to" for info, so far Steve has been up front about everythging and has explained alot that is already mentioned on here.

As you say, buyer beware...

“Is my Lee Enfield sniper rifle a fake

It looks reasonable from the pictures and for a weapon of that age fairly complete and original.

Hopefully it will match expectations

Many thanks,

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