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The score with No 4 merchandise:

No 4 Tie. No
No 4 Mug. No (quite rightly, only its creator could love it!)
No 4 Bow Tie. Possibly (Good CO – any joy?)

I have had a brain wave. In Cyprus, there are blokes who make socks (little cottage industries). I am in Cyprus. I will engage with them about making NO 4 SOCKS!!! GENIUS!

Further details to follow.

Socks - If the standard ain't bad, why not... Smart Turnout do a range of bespoke stuff too:

Helmet Covers - Now to see the Gurkha Demonstration Company at Sandhurst do their thing - 'I am No 2 rifleman I am equipped with SA80 and ARRSE helmet cover'...
I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the sock makers (are they sock tailors??) were shut yesterday. However Sock Fans, they are open on Saturday.

Wait Out!

The other bad news is that the "Good"(bloke) CO hasn't gone for Bow Tie No 4, therefore the only hope for No 4 is the socks and handkerchief.

The tree hugging CO should give up on the democracy idea and answer the call of those who shout the loudest:


Just check the number of supporters who display it as their signature!
GoatMan - can we have an update on your foray to the Sock Bloke?

Well done to you and C-S for keeping this critical issue in the spotlight! :D

Edited to add: Have you given any thought as to how we're all going to pay for them?
GBTD is literally leaving for the obvious right now!

Payment through ebay buy it now facility.

Darth_Doctrinus said:
GoatMan - can we have an update on your foray to the Sock Bloke?

Well done to you and C-S for keeping this critical issue in the spotlight! :D

Edited to add: Have you given any thought as to how we're all going to pay for them?
Well Sock fans, I am all over this. After doing the typically British thing when faced with someone (The sock tailor)who doesn't speak English (wave hands aroud, point at things, speak slowly etc.), got onto my contact in the "TRNC" onto it and he is sorting for me.

In the long tradition of military socks, they will be knee length with the No 4 pattern all the way up. When I get a pair, I will scan/model and photograph them. Unsure of cost yet. As C-S stated, they will be sold on ebay on buy it now facility. The sizes will be L - 9-11 ish. That is what I will ask for when I get a reply from my contact. Am going to have to buy a minimum of about 50 pairs, so will need to get a reasonable number of people willing to buy them unless you want sheepsacktheelder to keep getting them for Xmas ("Thanks Goatbag my son, another pair of these minging socks! They were slightly brighter last year!") :D :D
Whoever the heathens are who voted No, you should hang your heads in shame.

Have some pride in Arrseonia!
Why will it not be possible for those of us with normal-sized feet to awail ourselves of this essential footwear?

After all:

Είναι όλο για τον αριθμό 4!

È interamente circa il numero 4!

Está todo sobre el número 4!

Het is allen over nummer 4!

それは第4 について完全にある!

It wouldn't let me add any more text to my signature, so I had to keep it to a few choice languages- namely Chinese (traditional), German, Russian and Korean- using a translation service, it probably says complete crap and any native speakers of the above languages will think me a cnut.

Nothing new there though!
它是所有关于第号4! - Chinese (Simplified Han - whatever that is!)

É toda sobre o número 4! - Portugese

Nous sommes des singes de reddition qui mangent du fromage - With garlic breath

And I still want some size 7 socks!
ViroBono said:
And I still want some size 7 socks!
Unfortunately, you appear to be the only person with size 7( is that normal? - apparently, the average size is 8.5 in the UK?? )

I am more than willing to order a smaller size of the No 4 Sock as long as there are people willing to buy the minimum number (I hate to be so commercial). So, if you, Viro Bono, can get a large number of personnel with below averaged sized feet to order the socks, then I will get them.

However, I am still awaiting the samples. If they are rubbish, then it may take more time. Slowly Slowly iswhat they say in Iraq and that is what we need to be here. I am awaiting the final details. Wait out!

I am size 6 & as long as you're not planning on charging a loony price I will be more than happy to buy several pairs for myself & selected (lucky!) friends!
Define stupid price.....

Excellent if you could buy several of the smaller ones. I envisage that they won't cost anymore than five pounds UK. However, I will not find out until Monday afternoon. Then I will let you all know.

"It's a steal, it's a deal!"

Wonderful! Please put me down for 8 pairs of size 6-7. I'm going to be the envy of all my friends, I can't wait! :D
Roger, will do.

Therefore, there will be enquires for smaller socks on Monday as well. Come on ebay (via samples etc)!


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