Socks - Alive or dead

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Dear all,

It's been a while since I organised the initial batch of the No 4 sock from a fine sock tailor in N Cyprus. I am interested in seeing if any of the original socks are still 'alive.'

I have 2 pairs which need to be carefully managed to avoid tumble drying! I know there are some more out there somewhere.

Good/ Bad CO - for old times sake, can you please add as a Sticky?

Not only intact but going strong

Good CO

Funny that this should be raised again as in the ongoin stock clearout we've got the very last 6 of the ARRSE Sock Mk 2 in the ARRSE - very fine things indeed by the kitters-out-of-pompous-people Smart Turnout:


We probably won't order more of these, certainly in the near future so if you ever wanted the finest socks in Christendom, get in there quick :)

ARRSE Shop-let:

BTW More t-shirts to go in this afternoon
Well - clever old me. I got a pair of the six and walked them around in some very senior areas of MOD building. Felt very superior and loyal to the cause. And they are damn fine socks!


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Still going strong and worn on a regular basis...