No.4 magazine issue

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Before I start bodging or buying parts, I thought I should consult the experts.

    The last round in my magazine does not normally present high enough for the bolt head to pick up the rim. It looks like the rim is not sliding up the curved surface of the magazine body properly into the feeding position.

    My thoughts are:

    1. A worn magazine spring: solution -- new spring or stretch the existing one.
    2. Rough surface (although it appears smooth enough): solution -- polish
    3. Right-hand side of magazine follower bent down: solution -- bend it up

  2. Probably a mix of 1 & 3...

    Take the mag out and load a couple of (drill) rounds.... look at the back of the mag - the base of the top round should be central and fully engaged in the lips..

    If not central - lips bent - bend lips

    If not engaged, spring knacked - change spring....

  3. It's just the last round that is the problem (i.e. there is only one round in a magazine).

    If the spring is the problem, does anyone have a spare they would like to sell me, or know where I can get one?
  4. I doubt its the spring - these are normally perfectly servicable even in the oldest Lee Metfords. If you put a new or stretched spring in, then you'll probably move onto the new problem of rounds popping out....

    Its usually the right rear magazine lip, which tends to get battered by years of the magazine being taken out and reinserted. A (small) tweak with a pair of pliers should do the trick.

    You do also sometimes get dried gunk on the underside of the magazine lips - only a tiny lump is enough to prevent the round being picked up.
  5. Thanks. The magazine appears to be in good condition and not bent, but I could try a quick tweak with the pliers and giving it a good clean with some acetone.

    It's one of the 1950-made Long Branch rifles, by the way -- the 2nd one I've had. I believe they are Greek contract. The 1st one was clearly well used, but this one is in pretty good shape with a shiny barrel.
  6. mate- I got a spring off ebay for my no 4- brand new- costa about a tenner as I recall, worth a try
  7. Load of springs at the arms fairs at any of the historic meets...
  8. Take a look at where the front of the magazine meets the slope at the rear of the chamber. If it is forward of the slope, the magazine platform can get stuck under it causing just the problem that you describe. Push thew magazine platform down gently and see if it gets stuck under the slope. We had one at school just like it. I fixed it with a new magazine.

    I am sure that If I had spent some time I would have found out what was actually wrong with the old magazine. It's a bit late to go back to it (c.1960) but any offers as to what was wrong with it?

    Edit: The spring repair piece was not missing.
  9. The main cause of stoppages in Lee-Enfield magazines that I have seen is the auxiliary spring being missing. This is the flat spring steel piece that runs inside the front of the mag and clips onto the little pip on the front of the magazine.

    Can't find a pic I'm afraid
  10. HE117 You have a PM (Cheers)
  11. My normal supplier of bits and pieces is out of new magazines...

    If anyone has one they would like to sell me, please send me a PM!

    I discovered the problem: the rear part of the lip where it joins the back face is a little too radiused. I've improved matters somewhat by filing it squarer so that the rim can rise higher, but it is still not perfect.
  12. I can find a serviceable one I think but it won't be new in wrappers....
  13. should be perfect. Worst-case scenario I can use that casing and my pre-existing internals.

    How much do you want for it?
  14. I've got one that's fairly tidy but is lacking the auxiliary spring at the front. Do you have the Auxiliary spring?