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No 4 Dress 'belt keepers' - any clues?

Apologies for a somewhat dull topic, but...i'm going at short notice to an isolated post in the Middle East in early 2011. My normally efficient clothing store are unable to provide any clues on the 'belt keepers' that should have come with the uniform! Anyone out there have same uniform on issue and can post an image - an NSN (if possible) would also be marvellous, so I can tackle the civvies in clothing store! Whatever they are, they fit through a hole in the waistline of the uniform, and link up with some sort of 'flap' inside the jacket. Thanks
find yourself an old style No2/No1 dress there are the same, although in Hong Kong we never used them, always went belt less (good old REME)
Gents, I have no idea if its a half loop/hook thingy...hence the reason for the thread. I thought there might be an all-knowing QM type who could quote me; "Keeper, Belt, Army No4 Dress/RAF No 6 Dress NSN 1234-99-1234567"..or did I get my hopes up?

Not really an option to go belt less - probably end up with a fatwa on me head!

GreenSlime, I have just spent an age looking for this. Now I've found it you go and beat me to it by half an hour.

Bugger again!

@Quaker - I'd seen them recently whilst looking for something else!

@Intake Blank - If you don't get any joy from your Q, PM me and I'm sure I've got a couple spare knocking around I could send you.

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