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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sappagirl, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Hi,
    Wasn't sure which forum this should go in, but i'll give you guys a go!
    Im looking at buying a set of No2's. Can anyone tell me the best place to buy these- i live SE england. Anything in and around London is best. Haven't been successful in looking up any shops online, but im probably not searching hard enough.
    How much should i expect to pay?

  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Why the need to buy a set?

    I assume if you are posting here that you are a Sapper? Regular or TA?
  3. Sapper, TA.
    Something to look a bit smarter than DPM95 on Rem Sunday etc
  4. Erm.... do your Unit run a "wear what you like" policy?

    Surely you'll parade in what the rest of your Sqn have, i.e. CS95?
  5. £60 from Silvermans who incidently have a big store in London :wink:
  6. It's a mishmash. Those who have No2's wear that, those who don't wear 95's.
    Had a nose around Silverman's but thought they were a bit of a rip off merchant.
  7. You used to be able to sign out a set of No 1s from Brompton Barracks, maybe you can do the same for 2's. Wont fit as perfect as tailored ones but better than forking out for something you're going to wear once a year.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

  9. Thanks Chimera.
  10. Wear a Kilt or nothing, The Corps wear the Red Grant.
    Fek wearing No 2s its toilet anyway isn't it?
  11. Eh??

    In over 16 years I never ever saw a sapper on parade in a porridge skirt in lieu of No.2 dress.. apart from Hecky Thompson but he was always pished when he wore his whilst strangling that fecking tartan bag of his... er missus thompson I think she was called :D
  12. A typical comment from a Racist Kunt, I thought the Corps had got rid of you one dimension ******* years ago.
    Get back in yer cave FFS.
  13. Thats the problem with you minorities always seeing a put down when there isnt whats rascist?... Porridge skirt..the scottish are asociated with porridge are they not? the klt loks like a skirt does it not? a certain Mr Thompson always being drunk.. he certainly was...or is it the term pished...only Jocks allowed to say that is it? or the reference to his tartan bag..he played the bagpipes..rather feckin well i might say...or was it the half hearted gag alluding to his bagpipes and his we are a touchy little fecker arent we Mac?? been watching braveheart have we and mourning all the bad bad thigs the English did...centuries ago!!
  14. Like the government today, if it wasn't for the Scot's, we would not have had a British Army! . . . :wink:
  15. Why fork out when the new service dress will be in soon? waste of money buying a sand bag that smells of a wet labrador