No 2 Uniform RAC

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Grumpypickle, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Stores are trying their hardest but struggling to find me a Female no 2 uniform (RAC) - any one got any ideas ?
  2. Something fetching... tight fitting Black covies?
    being serious though our Regt had no dramas sourcing them for the Guidon Parade last year.....
  3. so you not only want a pic of boots in the shower but accompanied by tight black covies? NicE!

    Seriously - Maybe you could be of help then ?
  4. God you remembered! But you never did send the picture of YOU in boots in the shower to me!
    I may be able too I'll need to go into the Sqn. Send me your sizes and I'll try and get the relavant numbers for you, IIRC it was only the hat that was the same as the menfolk
  5. Mailed you my dear!
  6. where's the photo? not helping until I get the photo!
  7. perv.
  8. No' me, I'm a good boy honest!
  9. No 2's for a splitarrse in the RAC? huh?????
  10. Sorry....female....RAC...???????????
  11. Oh you mean you must work in some kind of RAC mess!!
  12. Even as an (ex) member of the Borg, you must realise what board you're on and that TA RAC Regts do have women in them.

    Annoyed now for biting, but what the hell!
  13. FF thanks!

    RR - idiot!
  14. Ah I see, women must play some kind of support driving the naafi wagon?
  15. Well no wonder your having trouble looking for female RAC no 2's

    THEY DONT females in the RAC