no 2 service dress

I have got hold of some No 2's myself seeing as you don't get issued them. Does anyone know of a tailor who will put all the regimental buttons badges etc on and supply them..?
I don't have a clue where to start!
It depends on where you are in the country. The tailors at Woolwich barracks are very good.
I wouldn't do it quite yet though as there is a new No 2 dress about to be issued in the near future...
Does anyone know the new rules about Offrs and WO1 getting issued Service Dress from 2007 onwards?
There's a few hangining around in the stores, I knows coz I sawed them - probably there for uber occaisions and will probably never be let out anyway. Stores are for storing in anyway!

All things considered they're probably saved for courses or when some big wig is coming around, although the honour guard at 50sqn didn't get them for that event a few months back (see The Wire for photo's).
PoisonDwarf said:
Does anyone know the new rules about Offrs and WO1 getting issued Service Dress from 2007 onwards?
Yep. This uniform will be of a lighter weight material and will replace the existing officers'/WO1's service dress and No. 2 dress and will be issued to all ranks from the top down.

Note the roll out date is 2007 onwards, how long this will take is anyones guess....
In my old unit each Ranger had his own No 2 dress uniform that were kept in stores and the only bit of ceremonial kit we had to buy ourselves was the No 2 dress belt. Only time we ever wore them was for Remembrance Sunday, St Patricks day and (shortly before I joined) when the battalion received new colours. As far as I know it's the same sitrep regarding No 2 issue but I've been out now 8 years so maybe things have changed...
I also hear that CS95 is to be drawn down in scale and we're going back to lightweights (without pockets) and shirts again - true?
polar69 said:
I got no2's issued in 36 sigs, was quite surprised whenI moved to 34 and found I was the only one with a set
You aren't the only one with a set. Almost the entire Regt was kitted out with them for the freedom of Middlesborough parade a few years ago and I still have mine, gathering dust in the wardrobe. Mind you I bet they don't fit anymore !
we had a Bn wide issue of kit for the Presentation of Colours Parade in Cardiff. Not had a use for them since though.
Can anyone give me a reference for this stuff about new service dress? Is it on an web site or in a document I can get hold of somewhere?

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