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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tebagagap, Jan 26, 2004.

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  1. so whats happening with uniform?

    is it going? is it staying? will it only be allowed at personal expense?

    These thoughts popped into my head while i was sowing....soeing... :roll: on my old regimental buttons after having otc ones on for a while.

    making a piss poor job of it too!

    I know my unit everyone has no 2's. as they are in surplus. We used to be a much larger squadron before SDR, downsized and reroled us. They don't actually want our No 2's back...unusual for a SQMS!

    my brother passed out in combats in 98 being told no 2's are a thing of the past, while my other brother passed out in no 2's in 2000....all very strange indeed! I've only got a Jub medal but hope to go on ops as some point....wud i be expected to recieve ops medals in CS95?

    anyhoo back to the sowing...
  2. Mat regs forbid the wearing of medals on CS95.

    No1 Dress, No2 Dress and the light weight (tropical) service dress (not sure of the number) only.

    Full size medals are also permitted on No10 dress (Mess kit) and No6 dress (1939 pattern tropical mess kit - the white "waiters uniform") but the custom is to wear miniatures.

    Spotter out
  3. Maybe; but then I've recently seen a signal that gives a reference for medals to be worn in CS95.

    If I could remember the source, I'd have out-spottered, out :)
  4. GB

    Saw a signal to that effect some months back - I merely referred the originator to mat regs and heard fcuk all else about it.

    Also heard a story to the effect that there was a plan to allow medal ribbons to be worn on CS95 lightweight jackets. Choked on my cornflakes on that one and sent a snotagram to our sovereign humbly requesting she get a grip on the tossers in the corporation that came up with this unpleasant idea which would make us look worse than the French. Got a response from a minion that Brenda was pleased to receive my correspondence and the matter would be looked into.

    I'm in god's own army, heroes all (except some sexual delinquents in the RLC), and we do not need to advertise the fact on our combat dress.
  5. Think all of No 2's might be on the way out.

    The TA don't get them at all anymore, unless the QM is particularly resourceful.

    I've also seen officers on parade, with drawn swords, in CS95.

    Pain in the arse, i've just forked out a shedload for mine, too.
  6. Doesn't this make you look like the army of a Tin-pot Little African Dictator?
  7. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Have been presented medal in CBT95 while on Ops but never worn it on 95 after presentation. Must admit don't seem to have any major difficulties exchanging No2 at this unit and only changed them 2 months ago.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Dont tell the TA then!
  9. Didnt the signal refer to medal presentations being permitted in CS95 not the actual wearing of medals on CS95 for general parades ie remembrance ?
  10. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Our QM still places demands for replacement No2 dress, and ITC Catterick still pass out wearing No2 dress.

    However, your guess is as good as mine.
  11. you can still demand and receive No2 Dress although at our Phase one ATR they are not issueing No2's to recruits anymore ?

    Why not I have no idea
  12. The crows at Pirbright were being fitted with 2's for their passing out parades last year.
  13. my nephew passed out of phase 1 training last weekend and they all had No.2s on.
  14. I believe they are looking at standardising No2s across the Regts and Corps to make everything that bit cheaper and all 1 Army. The Jocks will still be allowed their natty little skirts though (cue torrents of abuse from Scots Div... :D )

    As for medals on CS95, have seen TA do this on the last 2 remembrance sundays, authorised by Bde Comd.