No. 2 Dress

Dan07947 said:
Hey all,

I'm trying to find somewhere that I can buy Mens No.2 Dress Uniform in rather a large size, does anyone know where I could look?


Oi fatty don't discredit the uniform. If you arent able to get it through the system then you arent entitled to wear it perhaps?? Are you a Walt?
In your first post you were asking about account cards for clothing so that would sugest you were in the QM's, so why not demand a set of No 2's?
fat boy two's can take upto a year to arrive (i should know i have a set)

also not a discredit to the uniform bossdog

however i last wore my two's was back in 1990 (when i was slim and they fit as standard)
aahhhhhhhhhh special measure big lad

added via the clothing store,cannot be done via the army local tailor! however the tailor(ess) locally mine is at ATR Lichfield is a throughly nice person and will mount medals, add ribbons / rank/trade badges and take in and let out 2`s and 1`s expertly if your serving for a small fee or free. if your a walt or acf thingy I'm afraid your knackered! :twisted:

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